Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Hopes

Here's a link to a really fun looking lace project...this might be my next lace. If I ever finish Summer Sampler Study Stole. Right now I'm on a chart that literally made me want to rip my hair out the last time I touched it, so it's been about 6 days since I have! I'd better work on it today, though. In between getting my hair highlighted (yes, I'm doing that again--it looks awful in it's natural color state) and going to a b-day party for my niece and doing the bills. Yeh, I'll have lots of free time. Not.

I had the best pedicure ever yesterday. I can't stop staring at my toes.
Aren't they CUTE?!!! I have cute toes... :)

I love the summer. It is coming slowly to an end. NOOOOOOOO, my inner child screams. I don't want any more winter. We'd better get ourselves moved to Hawaii pretty quick, because I might be able to stand maybe 2-3 more Midwestern winters. If that. And I love the ocean.

Since I posted it on Ravelry, I figured I'd post it here too. Here is a sneak peak at my freeform crochet Maui-inspired WIP called Honu's Home:

This freeform stuff is really right-braining it. I spent most of last Sunday working on it, and when I looked up, 5 hours had gone by!!! Couldn't believe it, but it felt amazing to be completely engulfed in a project like that. I love freeform and free-wheeling it!

Here's my stripey sunflower washcloth in progress. Doesn't look anything like a sunflower, does it?! I like the colors though :)

Heres a WIP pic of the Moderne Log Cabin blankie.
I worked on it yesterday while getting the pedicure, and at knit-night with all my chicas at Mollie's. It is the best kind of project for working on while watching Greta Garbo in Camille, which I did on Thursday night, and for watching Dog the Bounty Hunter on Wednesday night :D I love big giant garterstitch projects!!! So soothing, that repetition!

Speaking of repetition, and soothing, I really want to get spinning. Maybe I can squeeze in some time for that today, too! I had started spinning some blue variegated top I bought last year at the fiber fest, then stopped. It is making gorgeous singles....

One can only hope for enough time to do everything (oh, yeah, I have to do laundry too, and we are out of milk and bread....)Sigh.


Carrie K said...

I've got that Trellis Lace Washcloth sitting in a vase waiting for me to figure out how to knit on the edging. Some day.

That potato salad looks delicious! Everything is better with bacon. Well, mostly.

hakucho said...

I think once you have all the petals done it will look more like a sunflower :) Your free form project looks like fun!

Dawn said...

Hi Aim! Haven't commented but I do check on you to see what you're up to! LOL! I gotta say, your toes ARE cute!!!! Makes me want to take better care of mine! ;O)

You are one busy gal! How do you get so much done? Well, keep it up, love seeing it all on here!