Friday, August 29, 2008

Knitting Holiday

YAY for 3-day weekends!!! Ya know what I'm gonna do with mine? KNIT! SPIN! CROCHET! and hopefully SEW! I get three whole days to do whatevah...!

I (sneakily) started the Aran Wrap Cardigan Sunday. I have been poking my way through it. This week has not really given me too much time to knit. I ran errands almost every night after work, and by the time I got home, ate and sat down, I was done for. I slept 9-1/2 hours Wednesday night, and about that much last night too. So it was a real treat to go to knitting tonight. I opted to bring the lace sampler stole instead--I would like to keep working on that til it's done. It' s so close to being done, the fire is starting to get lit under me to FINISH it!!!

I spent about 5 hours knitting the remainder of chart #10 on the Summer Sampler Study, while chatting and munching with my knittah chicas. Now I am well into chart #11. There is only this chart and one other, then the edging! How cool is that?! I'm really pumped. I might have a finished lace project soon!

I am so looking forward to doing stuff on my own time for 3 straight days...can't even tell you how much I look forward to that.

Especially after having spent $250 to get a replacement plastic exterior door handle put on my '97 Camry after the old one snapped off in my hand last weekend. Grrrr. It irks me more than you can know, to think I just paid that much for another cheezy plastic handle. That one better last 11 years, too! Why do they make those out of plastic, for crying out loud?! It drives me nuts, this whole throw-away economy. I have a car that still runs, even though once in a while we have to replace a part. The paint is chipping a bit where the hailstorm 5 years ago dinged the roof, but it still runs. It is my baby, and I'm not getting a new car. I drive 7 minutes to work--this thing should last me another 20 years easy at this rate! If the parts they cheezed out on could just last that long....sigh.

Happy knitting!

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Liz said...

Hope you're making the most of the weekend.

I know what you mean about throwaways - I can't stand the idea that it's much, much cheaper to buy a new iron or wristwatch than to have someone even look at the old one to see what needs fixing. There's this expectation that for some reason we'll just get tired of our appliances (I'm not a driver, but as far as I'm concerned a car ought to be like a washing machine, you keep it until it breaks irreparably) rather than want to get full use out of them... I'm hoping we don't get to the stage where it's cheaper to buy a new digital camera than to replace the batteries in the old one...