Friday, August 8, 2008


Maui plumeria in bloom--oh they smell like heaven on earth!

Wheeee, look at this cute dishcloth from Mason Dixon...I decided I had to have one. I started it last night, as a break from big giant ongoing projects. I love dishcloths for that very reason (of course I have yet to use one as a dishcloth, they all get used to wash ME!)

Funny thing is, mine is not working up to look like that! I'll add a pic later. I must be doing the color change at the wrong place. Hmmmm. However, I like what I'm getting, so I guess my first attempt will just have to be a cute, striped sunflower :)

And speaking of sunflowers...I want to make
this afghan(Rav link), it is so graphic. If I can't find the pattern, I think I'll just try my hand at figuring it out myself. That is...after I do all my other projects. Man do I have knitting ADD!

There are some crochet sunflower patterns

Tonight is knit night. Yay! TGIF!


aksunflour said...

Thank you for leaving a comment over on my blog.

Sunflowers are very sunny flowers. My personal fave. As for the serviceberries I try to remove as much of the tails as possible and then make jam or freeze them.

hakucho said...

That is a very cute MD sunflower dishcloth...can't wait to see yours :)