Saturday, August 2, 2008

Think Winter

Well, not that I really WANT to dwell on that thought, but winter is coming whether I acknowledge it or not. So, not only am I beginning work in earnest on the two wooly afghans I'm making for gifts, but I also just purchased the Bird In Hand mittens pattern from Kate Gilbert. These are really cute, and they're made from worsted weight yarn! So, I'm getting prepared for the long cold winter ahead. I think I'll knit them up for ME!

I am also a member of the Bird In Hand KAL group on any tips from others will be available. It seems there is a lot of crying about knitting the estonian braid on the cuff--I'm not sure if I'll be one of those crying about it!

BTW, that's a pic of DH wading on the reef in front of our condo in Maui at low tide, early in the morning. What fun that be posted later this week, photos of sea critters we saw on the reef!

I'm in the middle of making sun tea, and Puerto Rican Potato Salad. This stuff rocks! I'll have to post the recipe here later today. For now, Carola said she tagged me...hmmm, I'd better scoot on over there and see what that's all about :D

Oh, and Hakucho, I mailed your prize this morning, so you should have it early next week. Happy Knitting!



picperfic said...

well done Hakucho! Now where is this tag?

Susan said...

Oh I think those mittens are in my queue, not that I don't have anything to knit right now. What is up with the tag thing?

Aim said...

Oops. Sorry guys. It's scheduled to post tomorrow...I did a fancy date thing with it (and obviously messed up!)

hakucho said...

I am so behind in my blog reading...glad I emailed you when I got my prize :)

I'll be posting photos the next time I post. Just wish I could figure out how to get more hours in the day. Thanks Aim for the wonderful yarn :)