Monday, May 12, 2008

What the? Awful Knits from the Past

I could not resist. These items are from vintage knit pattern books for sale on Ebay! I borrowed these pics to make a point. If you want to bid on items like these, go here....

Okay, the first one was from 60+ years ago. But COME ON:

My abdomen hurts when I see this hat. It looks like someone took a dump on her head! What the?!

There's simply no excuse for this one from the '80s...
This needs to be re-titled 'Skanka'....

Please cover yourself up. You are not so hot that we want to be seeing those things dangling through your shirt...especially not 25-30 years later. Okay? That gives me the shudders.

The dress in the upper corner cracks me up. What every little girl wants to wear when starting to grow breasts is little detachable purses to draw attention to them! Wonder if anyone actually made something so ugly?

What the?!

Whee! I'm wearing grandma's bedspread! La. La.

Do you know, there is not a cloud in the sky today? The day I have to go back to the dreaded workplace. Go figure >:|

Have a good 'un.

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Knit with me! said...

Those are totally awesome

I got to start my Monday off with a good laugh.

Thanks for sharing