Monday, May 26, 2008

Apical Meristem

I just like that phrase. It's a botanical term referring to the newly growing cells at the tip of a plant. Kindof a neat phrase...full of potential for metaphors!

So my own apical meristem is knitting :) And crochet. Always new ideas are crowding their way into that location of my brain, pushing to burst forth into a new branch. It's related to what I meant in yesterday's post--how there are so many things I want to do (not many of them original, sadly). But I think that, in the botanical world there is more organization to the new growth than there is in my 'yarn-branch meristem!' I sometimes feel like all those great ideas I see on Ravelry are swimming randomly around in my brain, fighting for attention! It's a kind of ADD, and I have the information age to thank for it!

Enough's an FO pic

this is somewhat better than the photo of me wearing it! It is the [What] Jamaican Bag I finished about a month ago. Sorry it took so long to post!

Isn't it cute, posing among the bleeding hearts and snow-in-summer?! I really like it. Right now it is housing my First Socks, and I brought them both to work and showed the girls I work with (who, I should mention, are by now utterly resigned to the fact that I will show them my yarny creations, in spite of the fact that THEY DON'T KNIT!!!) But they are very polite about it :)

(gratuitous chicken picture)



Carola said...

Your Jamaica Pouch turned out so pretty, Aim. I wuvs it. They are both cute and useful!

I still haven't figured out why the swirls on my bags go the wrong way though ...

I understand about your knitting. My friend is the same way. She used to knit, so she can stand me talking about it some, but not too much :)

Shell said...

Oh that pouch looks great, the colors are wonderful. Love the pictures of the flowers.

Susan said...

Me, too! So many ideas, so little time. Love the flower pictures, your white bleeding heart is lovely. I only have the pink, must find white.

Aim said...

How come YOU can say exactly the same thing in only 5 words?! (Man I can be verbose!)

hakucho said...

Lovely bag...pretty summer color...will you take it on your trip?