Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lack of Focus....

I lack focus sometimes...or is it that my focus is so widespread that it just seems to be lacking?! Heh, I have so many knitting plans, so many cooking plans, so many gardening plans, so many book-reading plans, so many travel plans that there is no way I'd ever get them all done. They are relegated to wishes--I wish I could do this, or I wish I could make that. The ones I wish on the most are the ones that actually get done! Oh, well, it keeps me driven!

I am making the cutest hot pad.

It is a chicken from this book:

I had to get this book when I saw someone on Rav making these chickens. They are so cute! It's made double thick, so it's actually going to be usable as a potholder. Not just decorative. If you are interested in making one, but don't want to buy the pattern, there is a very similar pattern for a bird shape --you could make 2 and crochet them together for a potholder =)

I also started the peacock buffet scarf. Yay! Don't laugh, that's as far as I've gotten...I've never worked with a size 12 hook before, size 10 was the smallest I've used, and it's been about 10 years since I did that!

The Only Caveat: I went to Hobby Lobby to buy cebelia #20 thread, and they only had four spools of it, each of them a different lot number. That is really annoying. So I went to Michael's looking for the same, and they only had one spool! I hope one spool is enough, but if it isn't I'm gonna be bumming!

Yesterday I ran some errands, and planted some annuals in my front flower bed and into pots. I'm afraid it still might be too soon--this freakish cold weather at the end of May is blowing my mind! It was about 42 degrees overnight last night, and the high has been 55 this week. Yesterday it finally reached 70 degrees. It's really wierd this year.

I am achey and sore from the planting. Geez, it wasn't even that much exertion, but the bending was killer. I had a really nice day, though. I got to knit & crochet after all that work :) Here's my first Jaywalker, in Trekking XXL, I love the way this is knitting up:

Six days to Maui! And a short work week leading up to it!!! We are so excited....


Shell said...

Wow, nice picture of the lilacs. I love them so much.
You are leaving for Maui?? I am so jealous. Keep up the knitting!

Carola said...

Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers. Along with Lily of the Valley, Johnny Jump-Ups and cowslip (God, i had to find the name of that in english, and boy that's ugly)

If you translate the Swedish name it is kind of like "golden life" or "yellow life"

hakucho said...

Super cute chicken potholder!!