Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some FOs, yeah baby

Hey. I actually finished something :-D
A crocheted potholder of scraps of Sugar n Cream dishcloth cotton from my ripple blanket left-overs....
Aim's first socks. Man these are awesome and cozy. The second one was made about 1/2" longer in the foot (b/c the first one ended up being a bit tight!) but they both fit! And I love them :)
A new washcloth, the feather and fan motif. The photo in the pic is a Raveler's version of the pattern in a hand-towel. I will follow her instructions for a towel to match, next....

And last night, I started my first pair of Jaywalker socks! So pleased with them already, the yarn is knitting up very nicely in this pattern. I'm using Trekking XXL in a nicely muted desert rose colorway. Beautiful. Now, if I just didn't need to use my magnifying glasses for this >:|

I've not used needles this small before--size 1 US needles. I am really getting some eyestrain working on this, so will need to continue with the reading glasses when working this fine gauge. Grrrr. Okay, I'm over 40, but that's rubbing my nose in it! Sigh, guess I can't ignore my age forever ;o)

Ten days to Maui! It's seeming real, now :)


Susan said...

Your first socks! Yay for you!

Book and Hook said...

Yay for first socks! I just finished my first sock, and started its mate.
I love the look of that hand towel. I'm on Ravelry and searched for it but couldn't find it. Could you send me the pattern or the link to the pattern? I am Jarista on Ravelry, or you could email it.

Jeanne said...

Nice socks!

Knit with me! said...

Socks came out great!
I just finished my first pair too
They are in my finished stuff on Ravelry.
Love the washcloth. I am currently working on a dish towel out of Sugar n Cream for my daughter-in-laws birthday..shhhhhh
And of course several other projects

hakucho said...

Nice potholder. Congrats on your first pair of socks!!! Yay :) Love your feather and fan cloth...very pretty :)