Monday, May 19, 2008

crafty ideas...

click to see larger, it's cool!

Wow, that last post was extraordinarily voluminous (as are these words.) I will try to limit the run-on posting from now on. That is almost unreadable!

I went to work today, and took my Indian food (Vegetable Curry Korma) and my boss tried it and loved it. It's always nice to get someone else to appreciate the cooking (DH and DS wouldn't touch such a thing with a ten foot pole, and DD only stops in once in a while!) I have already had that Korma for 3 meals since I made it--I may throw some frozen pre-cooked tiny shrimp into the pot next time I eat it, for a yummy variation.

I am starting another washcloth: check out Miss Woolly Knits' post! It is such a well-displayed pattern, and I like the way hers are making up in the Sugar N Cream. So I started one with my half-price score from Saturday :) My sock is nearly finished, I'm on the last 1/4 of the second sock of the pair. The finish line is in view, hey hey!!!

Lookie lookie! This is a scream. I want to make one for my bro...the nitrate-loving one :)

And, I don't remember if I posted a link to this cute horse purse before! So fun, I'd love to make it for a niece....

I also found some really cute patterns from DMC for crocheted items! I especially like this (from that site):
The flare-leg jeans with crocheted groovy insert :D

I have a stash of six-strand embroidery floss in many colors that I haven't used in a very long time (since my counted-cross-stitch days)...they would be pretty cool to knit or crochet with (though obviously splitty!) I think a granny square table mat would rock out of that stuff :) Put that on Aim's queue, too!

Happy Monday everyone :)

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hakucho said...

You always find the best patterns :)
The embellished jeans reminds me of my teenage years when we used to use fabric to make bell bottoms out of regular jeans! Oh, boy am I showing my age now :)