Saturday, May 24, 2008

Great finds....

Been surfing again :)
Found some really cool sites. First, I found a blog with instructions to make your own sock-blockers! Very timely, I must say...I think I will go in search of some vinyl placemats this weekend.

Another blogger pointed my way to this cute blog by a sheep farmer in Vermont. Such cute photos, and so interesting to this suburban sheep-farmer-wannabe!

Then, I found this great pattern for a washable reuseable sandwich wrapper! I never thought of that before, but it's kinda cute! Although, if I was good at being 'green' I'd use a tupperware sandwich keeper instead of plastic sandwich bags. And the thing is, I don't use them for sandwiches...I don't pack a lunch (I get free lunch where I work). I use sandwich bags for wrapping half a cut onion, or sealing a cleaned bell pepper, etc...So don't know how useful that would be. And trying to get DH or DS to bring something like that home after use is a joke. It'd be gone the first time they took it somewhere!

And another yarn-farmy blog. All the lamb pics this time of year are so much fun!

Thank God for Memorial Day Weekend. I am so relieved to be off work. I was back at work only 2 weeks, and caught some GI bug for the past 3 days >:|
I get so tired of that! I came home from work on Thursday, got into a pair of jeans and crawled into bed at 5:15 pm. I woke up 10 hours later! And went back to bed for 3 more hours, then came home at lunch and slept for 45 minutes. Sheesh. I didn't make it to knitting group last night--just too tired. But I'm feeling well-rested right now, especially with 3 days off looming ahead of me! Yahoo! Bring on the knitting :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Shell said...

Hope you get caught up with your rest so you can get back to the real point of life, knitting and spinning!
Have a great Memorial Day!