Tuesday, May 13, 2008

RTC (return to clinic)

My pear tree.

Okay, going back to work wasn't so bad. Except that everyone there was a sourpuss yesterday. No one even said 'hi' to me when I came into the office from doing rounds, everyone was frowning and looking 'under the gun.' Whenever that happens, I know it's all instigated by the boss. And sure enough he was Mr. Grouchypants most of the day. Although I could tell he was relieved I'm back (they got swamped when I was gone, something like 13 patients in the hospital....)

Oh well, at least I felt well-rested and positive (in spite of all my negative-speak during my vaca, I really feel like a new person after that time off! I just needed my blog, and therefore my poor readers, to be my sounding board. Thanks, y'all!)

So, we closed on our refinancing yesterday. That may be part of the whole happy feeling. I feel so relieved. Plus the sun's out again.

I did not manage any yarny crafts last night. But yesterday morning I baked some awesome Apple Pie Squares before work. Unfortunately, I had to leave before I could try them, but I came home at lunch and they rock! They are my new favorite breakfast! (is'nt my placemat cute?! QVC is my friend, wink wink....)
I've been searching for a recipe like this ever since going to a quilt show where the caterers sold these at the lunch booth. YUM! So much more than a pie :) I'll come back tonight and post the recipe....

Okay I'm back. These things still rock!

Apple Pie Squares
(I'm looking forward to trying cherry, peach, and other variations!)

PASTRY= 3 c flour + 1/2 t salt + 1 c shortening + 1 egg yolk + 1/2 c milk
FILLING= 21 oz can apple pie filling
GLAZE= 1 egg white
ICING= 1/2 c powdered sugar + 2-3 t milk or water

Make pastry by cutting shortening into flour and salt until it's like coarse crumbs. Mix the egg yolk with milk, then add it to flour mixture. Divide in half, and roll out 1/2 of the dough into a 15 x 10 inch rectangle and transfer to a 15 x 10 pan (or something close to that-- a bigger pan works too because you can trim the edges straight after it's filled.

Spread the pie filling across the dough, leaving a 1-1/2 inch rim around the edges without filling. Roll out the other half of the dough, and cover the filling and lower crust; press outer rim down and trim to straighten edges with a pastry cutter or knife. Then you can flatten and smooth the top of the prepared rectangle to spread out the filling evenly inside.

Brush the top with beaten egg white and bake at 375 degrees F for 40 minutes, or til golden brown. Cool on wire rack. Mix powdered sugar with enough liquid (water or milk) to make a drizzling consistency icing. Drizzle by the spoonsful over the baked squares. Cut into squares and serve warm or cold! YUMMY!

I have a request. I have this really pretty olive oil can that I just finished.

I buy my oil like this so it lasts about 2 years. Olive oil is about all I cook with; rarely will I use other oils. I would like to clean and use this can for something, but I need some kind of tutorial or something on removing the lid and making the edges safe for use....Anyone know of any tips or tutorials to help me with this? I think this would make a fun container for my wooden spoons on the countertop. I've also seen people use things like this for flower pots outdoors. Still, I'd like the edges to be people friendly :) Just post a comment with any ideas! Thanks.....

Have a nice Tuesday everyone :)


hakucho said...

I'll be back :) My husbands favorite of all desserts is apple pie :)

Rima said...

So great to know that you feel rested. That apple pie looks so good!

Knit with me! said...

I totally love your placemat, it's SO cute.
I remember years and years (and years) ago, a friend of mine and I used to make hats that consisted of various cans (mostly beer cans)I actually found a link for the pattern online, too funny!
Anyway, we would have to cut the cans and we would just use a big file, like you would find out in the garage to smooth the edges and that worked really well.
Another thing that might work, is my son and daughter-in-law have a can opener that removes the top but leaves a smooth edge.
One Touch Can Opener

Thanks for the yummy recipe, I can't wait to try it.

Carola said...

I love the place mat too! I would love those on my table. They'd make me smile every time I used them. Who can resist flowers?

Aim said...

The can-hats are crazy!!! That's so funny....