Sunday, May 11, 2008

I feel like whining today

Just warnin' ya :)

I've been grumpy and unmotivated for 3 days now. The sun has been out all of an hour during that time; it's been medium to dark gray ALL FREAKING DAY LONG for 3 days. I think I'm gonna rip my hair out. I wanted to be outside, enjoying the weather. Instead I'm huddled up indoors in my blue-beauty sweater, napping under the down comforter and blankets. (Nothing to complain about there!) I was just hoping to get a little more fun-time outdoors. And the anti-depressant called 'sunshine.'

I haven't pruned half my rosebushes yet. We need to mow so badly, but can't while it's raining. My DS finishes school Tuesday and promises to mow then. I sure hope he can.

I bought 5 packets of seeds, for a hopeful garden this year. I am no dummy--the reality is, I will plant the seeds in the ground, and then they're on their own. I may be back by to thin out the weeds a couple of times, but they will have to fend for themselves most of the summer. With that in mind, I picked out these seeds:
  1. sunflowers

  2. nasturtiums

  3. leaf lettuce

  4. radishes

  5. cucumbers!
All are fairly practical and easy to grow, except the cucumbers. But look at them:

Who could resist the thought of cukes from their garden that look like this!? So cool. Only problem is I was hoping to plant things with a minimum of garden prep. Everything else will require a small surface area to be prepped; cukes however, will spread all over the planet. So not sure if they're even going to make it into the ground :( Maybe I can try them in a pot on the patio....

I finished my first sock at knit night! It fits! It's warm! I started the second one this morning at 5 AM, while the dishwasher was going and the breakfast rolls were in the oven.

I made some nice breakfast rolls ala Hakucho! They were really easy, and though I didn't get to try them hot, they were awesome cold later with a cup of coffee :) I'd definitely make these again. Yum.

I lost a big chunk of my temporary filling again. Sigh. I guess I need to call and move up the filling date, because this big divit in my tooth could spell disaster if I bite on it wrong. I'm already tired of dental visits, having had 4 in the past month, and none for 15 years previous :)

Okay, I'm going to try to do something productive. I'm going to go now and photograph some FOs, and try to start unraveling blue sweater. I'll be back later tonight.

I'm back. Here's the Jamaica bag--I call it the What Jamaican Bag....(cuz I roll like dat)

honest, it's a bag, but it just fits my big noggin :)


shell said...

Happy Mothers Day!
I totally agree with you about the grey of the days, I am bored with it and ready for some sun. I do have some things planted, some lettuce, so I am happy so far. Also got a few tomato plants from a neighbor too - love the neighbors here!
Love the socks!

hakucho said...

Your sock is gorgeous. I love the colors. Beautiful :) You "hat" is pretty darn cute :) I know it's a bag, but it sure makes a wonderful hat.

The last time I made the cinnamon buns they didn't raise over night, guess my house was too cold. I want to make them again, but it's been freezing!

happy knitting :)

Sharon said...

Happy belated Mother's Day. Congrats on the first socks! and I love the Jaimaica bag.

Carola said...

hahahaha. You're a much braver person than I am, Aim. I've put the thing in my head more times than I can count, but I haven't been gutsy enough to put a pic of me wearing it on my blog!!! You go Girl! Love your sense of humor.

And actually, it's pretty cute as a hat too!