Saturday, October 4, 2008

At Risk of Sounding, Um, Repetitive...

I received another lovely blog award from Hakucho! Thanks so much, Deb. Isn't she sweet?!

Okay, I'll try not to "toot my own horn" anymore =) But I do appreciate this award.

But now, I think I'm done doing memes and awards (see sidebar!) This recent spate of them makes me really feel part of a community, but it takes so long to pick out and link to 7 other winners, that I think I'll bestow this award on anyone who writes a blog I have listed in the blogroll...I love all these blogs!

(There is one blog I've followed for a year for the lovely location shots, which I had to remove from my blogroll due to it's being overtaken by pushy, obnoxious, political comments on every post. There's just no point in directing people to that or listing it as if I enjoy it anymore. It's really annoying, actually. I wish that the election year was over already...and that people would exercise restraint. Oh, well.)

I finished one side of my shawl edging! Yay. Now I need to get a circular size 5 needle to pick up stitches along the long edge of my shawl. Any suggestions as to a good versatile length for a circ that I might re-use in future lacework? Would a 26" or 30" be good? I have to be picking up almost 400 stitches per long side in laceweight yarn....I guess I could check the pattern suggestions too! (Whodathunk?)

Because that lace came to a screeching halt, I picked up my Aran Wrap Cardi again, and just made the second armhole last night. I had a glass of wine, some lasagna & garlic bread, and then started knitting. Perfect end to a rough work week.

I am doing one armhole of the Aran wrap cardi by binding off/casting on like Vogue suggested, and the other armhole is done by leaving live stitches on stitch holders. I want to see the difference between them when I pick up the sleeve stitches. And, because the tweed Cascade yarn I'm using is so "busy" when you look at it up close, whatever the difference between the sleeves will not be too visible! At least, that's my theory =)

Knitting Media:
I am enjoying the videos for the telecourse in archeology that I am auditing. It's fun to watch those while knitting away, and very interesting. Much better than junk t.v. I hate sitcoms! I forgot I had a couple sets of CDs with studies of classical music and favorite authors...bought expressly for knitting to! What a fun way to relax and learn at the same time! They were quite a bargain at Borders....

I have been hit by the noisome virus going around. It is the worst cold I can remember. Just awful dizziness and upper pharyngeal/nasal inflammation and nausea. I feel ragged after this week. Every time I turn my head the room spins. I wish there was a med I could take that wouldn't knock me out. Right now, sitting very still is the only fix, and knitting/surfing have been my saving grace after work--taking my mind off my discomfort and keeping my head still!!!

This weekend is going to be about getting my size 5 circs, and possibly the new Mason Dixon book. I'll have to run to my fav LYS to get those, and it's about 15-20 miles from here. (I wonder if I can drive that far this dizzy? Hmmm) And that's it. I'm not spending any other money. How I'd love to get that cement patio, new fridge, leather chair, or laminate flooring I've had designs on (for years!) But, no. This month no bonus spending.

What the?:

Huh? Who'd dress their kid like this?! Unless it's a halloween costume for the Michelin Man...

My blog posting may be sporadic now. So sorry! I have many great links I'd like to share, but I need to spend my time elsewhere at this busy time of year. Adieu! And happy knitting :)



hakucho said...

I'm with you with all the politics...I will be very glad when the election is over :)

I want to see the new mason dixon book, but have yet to see it in the stores.

Hope you feel better soon. I have the cold bug I have lots of sympathy for you :)

picklesticks said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I had fun reading through yours. I have discovered something you can use plastic knitting needles for which I am yet to try - make them into bangles!

Penny said...

Congratulations on your award!! I am SO glad you weren't posting the pic of the michelin baby to show off your newest creation! Maybe you should start a blog called knit-wrecks (love cake wrecks by the way) and that could be your first post!

Kris said...

Lol! I have that knitting pattern at my house. I think you can safely say that that pattern exists because of '80's fashions! (Very sad era fashion-wise!) I have it, but unsurprisingly was never tempted to knit it!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I loved coming by your blog!

Aim said...

Thanks guys! At least the vociferous opposition is making me keep up with things so I have some ammo whenever my boss starts talking shuts him down pretty fast =D

Bangles from plastic knitting needles sound awesome, I should try that some time!

Thanks for visiting