Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The need to blog

I have this insatiable need to blog! Where have you been all my life, lovely blog?! It's such a blast, I totally miss it when I don't do it!

I have no subject for today's post. Though there are some issues I must work out and get off my chest, I don't want to subject my readers to all of my thoughts--what a horrifying freak show that would be for you, dear readers =D

So instead, I think I'll wax poetic. (You've been duly warned)

One of the most wonderful things I remember from my childhood is the lack of time-sense. Do you remember playing for hours and hours, what seemed like forever, without stopping except to eat, bathe and sleep?! I remember laying on the grass in the late summer afternoon, the coolness of the grass and it's scent surrounding me while I looked at the white fluffy clouds floating by overhead. Do you remember the early morning birdsong at your gramma's house? The smell of antique furniture? The sense of wonder in the garden that a seed you'd planted had sprouted and formed a mighty pumpkin plant?!

Do you remember wading in the mud puddles after a rain, and when Mom wasn't looking, sitting down in that warm muddy water?! I recall the view from every tree in our neighborhood park. Ice-skating on frozen puddles, sledding with all 4 of my brothers and my dad.

I miss that sense of freedom and one-ness with the present. I am so pulled about all day by things I HAVE to do; no wonder we need vacations! I think I need yoga again, to recreate that sense of being in the present. Of mindfulness. I could use the meditation (whoops, I almost wrote medication!) To slow me down. Give me time to think.

Waxing poetic is over now. (You have my permission to go and vomit) Now it's time to whine. Just kidding, I do enough of that for half the planet. I think I'll knit instead!

May your week be filled with new and glorious observations. And plenty of knitting time.



Acornbud said...

Blogging is grand, yes it is!

Opal said...

I'd like to be injected with some of that joie de blogging please. :-)

Carrie K said...

Aw. I enjoyed your poetic wax. :)

TheOriginalJunnaBuenna! said...

Aim, which sledding hills were those again?

hetty said...

Gotta love that wax! Blogging is the best!

hakucho said...

It is sad that now a days we are all just so busy to just stop and smell the roses. We should...life is just too darn short !

Tea said...

Hi, I've had you bookmarked for a while, can't remember where from, but I adore your blog.

And I LOVE the Please, No Tag Awards notice! I could so use one of those.

Aim said...

Tea, help yourself! And, Tim, you know what sledding hills those were, you cheeky monkey you :p