Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yardwork catch-up

I couldn't sleep this AM, so I surfed the internet.

DH and I did some major weekend-warrior type yardwork yesterday, and my quadriceps are KILLING ME! But that's better than the low back pain I went to bed with--bordering on back strain. Thank God for heating pads. I have to be careful today....

So that means no carrying baskets of laundry up and down stairs! YAY, I'm off the hook! (Actually I did the majority of it Friday night)

Today's plan
1. spread grass seed
2. knit
3. grill our yummy steak and some mahi mahi fillets from Trader Joes
4. make grilled flatbread too--I'll let ya know how that turns out!

Today brings the pleasant chore of spreading grass-seed into our newly defunct flower beds. They were so overgrown I've been really embarrassed by the lack of curb appeal our house has had. If I wasn't sick nearly every freaking weekend, I'd have been more ahead of the game. Really. I do love to be outside, but no time anymore. One of the flowerbeds we removed was a large one I put in while I was waiting to get into PA school--guess I didn't realize how little time I'd have to garden while in school and getting my career up and running!

So I heave a huge sigh of relief that soon these two former eyesores will be re-incorporated into the grass of our lawn. So much easier to care for. We rented a rototiller for $18--let's see, that's about $400 less than what I would have bought one for!!! Yay, savings!

And maybe with these crappy areas under control, next year I might feel like trying to grow a couple of tomato plants. I have been very reluctant to undertake any new plantings! (I'm thinking of all the $$$$ in plants we just plowed under, but really it was too much to dig up scattered tulip and daffodil and crocus bulbs to move--I'm thinking it will be fun if they come up in the new lawn areas in the spring, and after flowering I will either move them or just mow them down....I'd really love to plant some scilla in the front yard and let it go crazy in a few years. But then, we'll probably be living in Hawaii at that point.)

Don't you love planting fall bulbs?! That was one thing I always swore I'd never stop planting, yet I have (same reason--time). I miss doing that.

The Bears are playing right now--gotta go knit! I'll be back later =)

Meanwhile, check out some of my morning's surfing:

DONUTS, yeah baby!
Jigzone--some online puzzles!
Homemade Poptarts recipe~!
Astronomy Pic of the Day from NASA
Nani's Indian Cooking--I'm gonna add this to my webroll. Yum

And a couple of really thought-provoking sites:
I'm liking theGodguy's take on America's economy. Bringing me back to the Simple September principles. I like this budget-tightening, yes I do.

And A Disgruntled Republican --very interesting for conservatives, since much of the opposition press is squelching anything in the mainstream media that might hurt their candidate (like Obama's links to the voter-registration-fraud group ACORN, a terrorist named Ayers who actually bombed the Capitol Building in the 70s, and his own racist-spewing church pastor/priest. I'm so sure you can go to a church where the leadership speaks like that and you won't know that's his stand on things. Uh-huh.) Yeh, how much have we heard about this? Very very little....

Don't believe me? Want more info? Check out theAmerican Issues website for the scare tactics liberals are using (as usual, dirty politics one and all) to silence our freedom to know the facts about our candidates.

Happy and informed election year!

10-15-08ETA: while I liked thegodguy's take on the economy, further reading into his blog brings me a lot of concerns. Please keep this in mind if you visit that blog--I'm not sure what kind of religious liberalism this is, but I don't agree with most of his views; he does a lot of ripping on Christianity, which I find offensive, especially if you are calling yourself "theGodguy".


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Just a quick note to let you know I ws browsing and enjoyed your blog during half time.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Best Wishes in your entry to my ART GIVE AWAY!