Saturday, October 25, 2008

Aaaaah, sweet weekend...

So. Looking. Forward. To. The. Weekend.

It has been another intense week at work. I think it must be a full moon ALL STINKING MONTH! Lots of crazies and wierdness going on. Our practice has never been busier. Two wakes to go to this week. Not a big fan of the adult "past-time" of going to wakes and funerals (I'd rather stay a 46 year old child and play all day), so this was a stretch for me. One wake I went to I did not know the deceased, but made an appearance to support the family member who we work with. The other was a dearly loved patient whose sudden demise left us all stunned. And what a beautiful family she has left behind....

Hardly any knitting got done this week: I knit on Moderne for 1-1/2 hours while watching Dog the Bounty Hunter on Wednesday night. That's it. So this weekend calls for some serious knit-time. I also feel that my back is healed enough for me to work on the remainder of the tree I cut down. Just, ya know, cutting and bundling the brush for removal. I will probably just do a small amount, so I don't start a bad chain of events again with my back!

My poor puppy has not had a walk in 3-4 days, and before that it had been 10 days. It's hard to walk a 75 lb dog that wants to pull you when your back is strained. So he has had to be content with running around in the back yard--luckily we have a large fenced-in yard. Another thing to do this weekend: walk the dog!

I did some web-surfing this week and have some fun links to show ya. I'll get on that soon. I still have to upload my pics from last weekend. Went to see my grampa in the hospital, and while there I took some cool photos. Also, because my back was still hurting from the weekend before, I made my bro drive home (4 hours) so I was reclining and taking photos of the amazing cloud formations as we came around the base of Lake Michigan. Love the sun-dogs. Love the scents of Michigan in the autumn. Love the crunchy hickory nuts underfoot. Aaaah.

Happy weekend y'all.

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Nat Red Knits said...

I feel for ya Aim, I am not a big fan of the "adult pastime" either...I don't think I have ever heard it called that.
I only go to them when it is required by family.