Monday, October 13, 2008

Moderne moves along...

DH and I went to see An American Carol last night. I knit on a Christmas present throughout the whole movie. And after it was done, I didn't have to rip out anything! My movie knitting is improving!

I enjoyed the movie. The bad part was trying to walk after sitting for an hour. My legs and back are in so much pain from the yardwork I did....I had to call in for a day off today as I can hardly move. Spending the day on the heating pad again!

That means some knitting will get done, and probably some computer time, but not much else. I sure hope this calms down by tomorrow.

Here are some pics of things that occurred this weekend:
The mown-down front flower bed with edging removed, ready for turning under. Those long leaves were daylilies and siberian iris leaves that look awful from the street when they are not blooming.

DH going to town with the tiller. That stupid thing broke before we were done with it--maybe we need >3.5 hp to till our awful thick clay soil....Oh, did I mention I also cut down a tree? Yes, I did that while DH tilled. I'm hurting, yes indeed.

See the brush at the top of the hill in front of our gate? I could only deal with 1/4 of what I had cut down. Poor DH, I just created more work for him, chopping wood and chopping down a stump :D

A surprise-nephew's b-day party~! He turned one year old :) You remember last year about this time I found out I was an auntie again--he was born in the ambulance on the way to the hospital as no one knew he was expected!!! That kind of stuff really happens, believe me! I think b/c he is such a laid back kid!

I turned this pan of frozen rolls into...

this! Yummy easy overnight caramel rolls! So good, so easy. I didn't have enough frozen rolls for the whole recipe so I halved it and put it in a 9" square cake pan instead of a bundt pan. It made just enough for the 3 of us. Mmm.

I weeded my flower bed and transplanted a small rododendron from that front bed we plowed under. This bush cracks me up, it's at least 7 years old and look how freaking small it is! (It's the "tall" plant in the center)It has cute flowers in the spring, though! This is probably the only flower bed I'll be able to keep up with from now on. Right by the front entry, I love all the happy flores....annuals and perennials and flowering bushes and trees!

A shot of the front of the house, now with grass seed in place. Oops, looks like we missed one clump of iris leaves, heh. (The other site we tilled is about twice this area! It's seeded, too.)

Grilled flatbread:

This stuff totally rocks, the rosemary, olive oil and salt give it a delicious flavor and there is nothing like hot chewy bread! Yummy, now one of my fav recipes! I got it from here.

And now for some long-overdue knitting. Sorry, this is supposed to be a knitting blog mostly, but ya know, life takes over =)

Here is the progress on Moderne:
BTW, I recommend that book (clickety)

And I'm slowly working up the first long side of the Summer Sampler lace--see how the edging is going to look?
I couldn't read the corner chart to save my life, and after 3 tries, I just decided to miter it myself along the lines of the pattern. So it's hole-y looking at the corner. I hope that diminishes when I block it, but if not, I'll just live with it!

Messy but happy:
--the story of my life!

Happy Monday, y'all!



hetty said...

No wonder you are stiff and sore! You got a lot done this weekend! I love the happy petunias! They don't look messy at all.

Aim said...

Thanks Hetty :)

Carrie K said...

She didn't know she was pregnant?

Those cinnamon rolls look delicious.

Moderne is coming along nicely!

hakucho said...

You certainly have been busy...lots to show us :)

I still have some frozen rolls in my freezer...guess what I need to do? Your rolls look are making me so hungry for pecan rolls :)

Rest up from all your hard work...hope your aches go away soon :)