Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm so wiped out. Don't even ask about my day. Very thankful I am that both my DH and I have jobs. Yet OTOH I really miss being a housewife. Sigh. (And, I'm tired of catching everything on the job, especially scabies, stomach flu, strep throat, every cold virus known to man, and bronchitis.)The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side of the fence, I know, I know.....

I have finished my audited telecourse videos. That was really fun. Now I am trying to squeeze in reading the text each night. So glad I don't have to study for tests or write papers. No way would I get it done.

But watching videos to learn from while knitting is double duty in my free time, and I really like that. Suweeeeeet!

I got a new pattern book: Norah Gaughan volume 2. This volume had the most patterns I'd like to try. Right now though, my knitting seems to be bogged down in BIG LONG-TERM PROJECTS! (did you know that's the name of a Ravelry group? OF COURSE I'm in it. Heh.)

Since there seems to be such incremental movement forward on my projects, the picture's I could show would be BORING. Instead, I'll just give an update on my knits in progress:

1. Two blankies for Christmas gifts. Not lap-ghans, but good big blankies. One is the Moderne Log Cabin from Mason Dixon, the other is funky flower grannies by Krochet Krystal (see link on sidebar)

2. Summer Sampler Lace Shawl. That edging is c-r-e-e-p-i-n-g along....

3. Aran Wrap Cardi. I'm still in love with this project. Wish I was farther along, but that's what you get when your attention is divided among 4 large projects!

Soon I'll probably need to knit a washcloth just for the sense of accomplishment of FINISHING SOMETHING!!!

Hope you all have a nice weekend. Me, I'm overwhelmed with all the things to do, as usual. "Serenity NOW"




Barbara said...

Some nice projects going on there. That Norah Gaughan book has always appealed to me. Have a great weekend.

Aim said...

Thanks Barbara :)

hakucho said...

Did I read that right? caught scabies at work? No, No, I don't think I could take poor thing :( hugs!!

Good thing you have lots of nice projects in the works to keep your spirits up! Enjoy :)

Mary Anne said...

I hope you get some quiet time for yourself; time to snuggle under a warm blankie and block out the real world for awhile.

Knot Garden said...

You have such a lot of projects on the go, but here's a lot to be said for the process of doing as well as the finishing! Enjoy the journey and hope you are soon feeling better.