Monday, July 21, 2008

Vintage Owls

Here is a collection of my gramma's vintage owls. She is no longer with us, as of 2003, and sorely missed. My grampa has not changed one thing in the house since she passed, and I really feel her presence there whenever I visit. This pic is for you owl lovers out there--I think they are starting to grow on ME too!

I am so tired of the overcast rainy days we have had every day this July. Or it just feels like it's been everyday, since it's been the whole past two weeks. It is really hard to get out of bed each day with this gray ambient light in the sky. Awful. I never knew I would be such a sun-dependent adult.... Maui, here we come!

Wait, here's a pic of my shawl-knitting by the (sunny) lake on the 4th of July:

I am halfway done with chart #6 of Summer sampler (most recent pics here). It is much easier to knit this current pattern while watching TV. We watched two awful movies yesterday, one was The Langoliers by Stephen King, and the other was from Netflix, an old 40's B&W movie called 'The Shanghai Gesture'. Man, were they bad films. Bonus: I got much knitting done :D

Oh, BTW, I did some damage at the Fiber festival. I will probably not go to Stitches Midwest next month, because of it :) Unless I sign up for a couple of classes, which would be cool--I've not done that before. I got some Briar Rose wool yarn to make a Cul de Sac vest...can't wait to cast on for that project!!! I also purchased some beautiful wool to spin up, in extremely happy colorways :D And, some corn yarn--a must try! I'll add pics of those soon...

Happy Monday (think FISH FACE)


Barbara said...

Owls are pretty cool. There are actually owls on Maui! Hope you get some blue skies:)

Aim said...

Oooh, I didn't know that...! Thanks barbara :)