Friday, July 25, 2008


South Maui, at Oheo Gulch....

I spent this morning changing this:

into this:

These are leftover cottons from my ripple blanket, soon to become part of a freeform crochet project, inspired by Maui. I have become interested in "scrumbling" and freeform crochet as new forms of crochet that I've never heard of before Ravelry (yay, Rav!) And so I'm organizing the stash of cottons for this, because it's a brainless early morning project that needs to be done! However, unlike housework (that also needs to be done), this is more fun--I get to run yarn through my fingers :D

I may not go to knitting tonight. I have not been much company lately, just kinda grumpy. My lace knitting is suffering because of it--I dare not touch it when I'm in this mood! So garterstitch and scrumbling, ball-rolling and spinning, here I come!

A glass of wine and my spinning wheel, yeah that sounds like a good Friday evening....although, I may have to run to the bookstore. I have been lusting after the fall issue of Vogue Knitting. I don't know if it's on newsstands yet, but I saw the most incredible mitten pattern on Ravelry yesterday:
Snowbird Mittensdesigned by Elliphantom! How cool is that?! I love these, can't wait for the issue to come out. I hope Vogue knows I'll be buying that issue solely based on the presence of that pattern! Way to go, Elliphantom!

Taa taa, happy Friday--(TGIF!)


hetty said...

A glass of wine and a spinning wheel? Sounds good to me! I love those mittens! Think I may have to out and buy a copy of that mag for the same reason. Actually, I really don't need a reason to buy a magazine! I have MAD!!! Magazine Acquisition Disorder!

hakucho said...

Looking forward to what your scrumble will look like...very interesting :)