Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Hawaii, More Knitting

The Maui coast, east side, view from a botanical garden....

Ooooh! Last night I finished chart #4 of the Summer Sampler Study! I came home at lunch and knitted the spacer chart (that strip of faggotting that is between all the pattern charts on her stole) and now I'm ready to start the next very challenging pattern. So far I have been winging it without having to use a lifeline, and although there were two specific instances that I would have ripped back if I had one, I have done alright. I can live with a couple of small errors, especially for my first knitted lace piece, and on such a large project.

BUT, the next pattern specifically recommends a lifeline, and I'm going to do so. I hope I won't run into difficulties, but if I do, it'll be there! So that is tonight's project.

I have been dying to try making some scrumbles, or free-form crochet. If you have access to Ravelry, look up the scrumbling group to get an idea of what I mean (or Google it...) I have a specific, hugely challenging design of my own in mind, and have been skating around the idea for about a month. But I think I may start soon. All I can tell you for now is that it's related to my Maui trip. Hmmmmm, that is one broad hint! :D

Hope everyone is knitting away...I must get in touch with some of my internet pals, Carola, Hakucho, Opal, Barbara, Shell--I miss all you guys. Thanks for visiting, and I'll soon be surfing at your internet doors as well!

Buenas noches ;')

addendum: I almost ripped my hair out on that first row of the new lace chart #5! Time to be done for the night...note to self: don't slip the 7 stitches as she shows on her website, it makes it harder to K7 together and doesn't look as good!

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Acornbud said...

Scrumbles, what a cute name. I'll have to take a peek.