Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Camping by the Lake

Back into the groove...

We had such a nice family reunion over the weekend. It was a lot of fun to get together. The only fly-in-the-ointment was that DH had to stay home to sedate my puppy, and one bro couldn't make it. Otherwise, everyone was there. We stayed in a tent on my Grampa's property (we are, after all, just home from the trip of a lifetime to Maui, and paying off some of it still!) THAT was different--I haven't slept in a tent in about 20+ years. The tent I got was terrific; the first night we left the rain-fly off, and that leaves the whole upper half of the dome tent (which is screen) exposed. We were able to watch the fireworks display over the lake from inside the tent, and then sleep under the stars. That was really awesome, to see all that night sky from your bed!!! But the best part was to sleep on my own mattress again when we got home. I slept 10 hours the first night back!

Got some yarn-work done while there! My grampa's 95th b-day was on July 4th, and I made him a lap blanket. I started it June 29th!!! Just finished it by bedtime on his B-day, and got one pic of him holding it :) That photo to come...

I also took my lace knitting and worked on that while sitting by the lake, chatting with my family. That was fun! But I think the best part of the trip was the time I spent swimming in the lake. I think the latent swimmer in me has re-awakened since Maui. I had a blast swimming, and was often the only one in the water (like at 7:30 AM)! The lake was rather cold, but felt great when the sun was out.

I am having technical problems with my photo-uploading software. All of a sudden it has refused to stay running. I uninstalled and reinstalled it last week, but it keeps turning itself off in under 1 minute of use. I have no idea why--pics may be hard to come by in the next couple of weeks >:| I think I should have uploaded Maui photos immediately, I still have two full memory sticks to upload from that trip. Grrr.

That said, here are some remaining photos of Maui that have already been uploaded: first is our view from the lanai. It was so much fun to sit there and watch the marine life passing by in the water at the foot of our building! That is the island of Lanai in the background
Next is a view from the back entry of our condo (that's our pool out back). Look at those wonderful Maui mountains....

I hope everyone is having a good summer. I look forward to visiting y'all on your blogs this week :)

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Barbara said...

Sounds like a fun time backyard camping. There is nothing like sleeping under the stars as long as the ground is cushioned.
Maui no ka oi:)