Saturday, July 26, 2008

Recycled and New

Upcountry Maui....

I got 2 new knitting/crochet books today. First, I bought the 200 crochet blocks book by Jan Eaton.
I have been wanting this book for more than a year, and finally B & N had it in stock, yay!

Second, I saw this book for the first time, and simply fell in love with it.
There are some really lovely designs in it. For once, a book with more than one or two patterns that I'd make! So excited to get this :)

Recycling yarn is what I did today. After getting the car fixed, and the oil changed, I came home, plopped myself on the lounge chair, and spent a pleasant couple of hours unraveling a sweater for its yarn. This was my first attempt at this. Remember the blue sweater from this post? Not too shabby I must admit. But very time-consuming. This was probably not the best yarn to rescue, but I really liked the blue shading. However, being that it is a silk/nylon/rayon/wool mix, it has a strange hand to it--kinda dry, like cotton. I guess that's the rayon talking. I think next time, it'll be cashmere or angora or silk I rescue!

Anyway, it was full of pills and fuzzballs, but they have come off. I got a couple of longish hanks of it, and used the niddy noddy. That's the first time I've really used it--LOL, can't believe I couldn't get it at first! It's a stick, for crying out loud... :)

Now, I think I'm going to give the yarn a good washing, and hang the skeins overnight. We just came back from seeing Batman, The Dark Knight. That really was a great movie, as the reviews have stated.

I'll post pics of the new yarn tomorrow. I'll be pulling out the swift and ball winder soon!

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