Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lace knitting and yarn acquisitions

A tide-pool discovery in Maui...(you must click for the cool big pic)

At risk of boring my readers, let me say again how much I am enjoying the Summer Sampler Study Lace KAL. I just finished chart #6 this evening, now I am starting the second half of the stole (there are 12 different lace panels!). It feels so wonderful in my lap, this featherweight cashmere wisp I am making. And the experience of knitting all these different lace patterns is awesome for such a lace newbie as I. What fun! Each segment is just long enough to keep my interest, then it's time for a new pattern. I'm so turned on to this project, that I just bought yarn for my next lace project....

I got some fun stuff at the fiber festival. But I went way past my budget and now I'm done buying yarn again. Can't keep adding to a stash that is not really getting smaller, ya know?! But, I can show you what I purchased:

Lace weight merino for my next shawl (pattern yet to be determined):

Handmaiden Seasilk in Peridot for a wrap or shawl (I've always wanted to try this yarn, and couldn't take my eyes/hands off it at the fair!):

Briar Rose hand dye merino worsted in the Legend colorway:
This is slated for the Cul de Sac vest by Elsebeth Lavold...Drool.

Miss Babs "Yummy" hand dyed sock yarn in the Rainbow colorway:
Got a small bottle of Eucalan to try, too.

Cotton clearance yarn on a cone, for $10, woohoo! And a variegated merino wool in colors I love:

Some Ingeo corn yarn, two hanks, purchased from a fellow mid-level practitioner from Iowa :)Look at the sheen on the pink one! I can't wait to try corn yarn...!

I bought two new coils of wool that were handpainted, for spinning into fun colorful yarns!

Yeh, see what I mean. I'm done yarn shopping except for buying the rest of the wool for the Moderne Log Cabin that is a Christmas gift. I have enough to keep me busy for quite a while! (And I'm gonna be real busy winding it all into balls--did you notice how it all came in hanks? What the?! Good thing I got a swift for my Bday this year!)

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Susan said...

Beautiful yarn, makes me jealous! Can't wait to see what you do with it.