Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Sampler KAL

A Hawai'ian weed....

I just started pattern chart #6 for the Summer Sampler Study Stole from BadCat Designs. I had a lot of fun with pattern #5, though at Friday night knitting, I thought I had really goofed up. This was just before I left for the night, and I was very pleased to see I had NOT goofed when I picked it back up today to work on it. And now I'm onto chart #6....

This is a really fun project. I am enjoying it tremendously! I may even be inspired by the time this ends, to pick up my Mananita lace and finish it too! That has been languishing for > 1 year...I like Kidsilk Haze, and have been tempted a few times to steal some balls from that mananita project, but I have held off on that urge. There's no way I'd be able to frog mananita, and besides, I don't want to. I guess I just have to come up with more kidsilk haze for other projects :D

I've been really good about not buying more yarn. But, as I stated yesterday, this is fiber fair weekend, and I think I'm going to give myself a small budget to purchase whatever takes my fancy! (I didn't make it to the fair yesterday, so I'm planning to go after church today). And in only a couple more weeks, it's time for Stitches!!! The bonus?! It's even closer to my home than in previous years! Wahooooo! So I'm expecting to break my buying moratorium...that's okay, these fests only come around once a year.

I'm also hoping to be inspired to start spinning again. I haven't touched my new wheel since early May...and that's just not right! Maybe I'll get inspired at the folk & fiber fair!

Seahorse at Maui Ocean Center.

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picperfic said...

wow, that seahorse is amazing, is that stuff growing on it's back?

I'd love to see photos of your shawl.