Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring at last

Oh, finally. It's here, it's here. We spent yesterday doing yardwork. Look what I found in my front garden!

I also found this hairy little dog covered in pollen:
Heh. Furry.

I received my swap package from the Granny Square Swap. Look what Rima sent me:

She made me a felted granny basket, how cute is that? And I got some neat looking cotton yarn, and goodies (there was candy and teabags in the wrapped packets), and coconut soap. Can't wait to try the soap :)
Thanks, Rima, you made my day :) I've never had some of those candy flavors before...!

I finished my star blankie for my nephew. It is a version of a round ripple blanket. I started it last weekend:
It ended up being pretty big for a 6 month old...not sure what I'm going to do :) I may hold it until Christmas, when he'll be over a year. But I want to make his sister the penguin granny hat from the pattern I purchased from Crochetroo.

I just started in on Meinstein again. It was on hold while I made my swappie a granny square bag. I mailed it a week ago, I imagine she'll be getting it any day now. I will post the pics here because she doesn't know yet that I'm her swap partner....
but you can't see it til tomorrow. Ha ha!

Gotta go be outside while the sun's out.


hakucho said...

Th penguin hat is very cute. If it were me I'd give your nephew the blanket now. He's going to love it. It would be perfect to put down in a playpen or on the floor for him to lay on. They grow so fast at this age. Very pretty :)

Acornbud said...

Woohoo! Spring! Silly doggie:) I love your star blankie.

Aim said...

Thanx guys :)

Susan said...

Puppies & flowers, two of my favorite things.

Kristina B said...

Aim, saw this on Ravelry and absolutely loved it... I say give it to him now!!! :-) (unless of course you want to hang it on your wall and enjoy it for a few months...).

Great blog. And thanks for liking my stuff on Ravelry!