Sunday, April 20, 2008

New FO

Here are pictures of the penguin granny hat I made for my niece. I have to give this away soon, and the star blanket to her baby brother....

I hope she likes it :) Pattern was mentioned previously....look under my labels for "penguins."

Been working on a s'prise gift for someone, so can't say much about it. It will be a Christmas present. I know what you're thinking--didn't I say that 2008 was going to be the year of knitting for ME?! Well, every so often I start something that would be a great gift, so...let me re-phrase that: 2008 will be mostly about knitting for me. More backpeddling ;O

I just bought a copy of Knit1 magazine, summer 2006, the issue that has the butterfly shawl pattern to crochet. That's next on my list of things to do. If anyone is inspired to make one, don't forget to get the errata from knit1mag's website....Oh, and noreen is the designer of that lovely shawl, she has some cool design notes on butterfly things....That's interesting :) You can see a photo of the shawl at Noreen's post here.

I'm so happy with my Einstein Coat (Meinstein)...I wore it to my Grampa's up north this weekend, and I got comments wherever I went in it! That's fun :)


Rima said...

So CUTE! My boyfriend loves penguins.

hakucho said...

The penguin hat is very cute! Your niece will love it :)

Knit with me! said...

OMG...I love the hat!
So Cute!

Inger C said...

This hat is super cute! I love your style!
Kind regards
Inger Carina