Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hey Dudes

Dude, look at my garden. Spring is here, and with it the ups and downs of weather. I love spring and fall, they are my favs. I love the somewhat chilly weather, the newness of budding greenery, the birdies singing their hearts out, the brilliant warm yellow sunshine. So, I guess there's something to be said for our climate :)

Dude, I've been surfing Ravelry like a maniac these days--if looking could make your skills better, then I'm a master by now....

Dude, here are some cool things I've found there: DUDE look at this cute group of fun mushrooms to make! She's so talented. I think it's funny though--I remember when mushrooms were the popular decorative item in the 60s! Now it's back, along with granny squares!

This is the freakiest yarn I've ever seen....Someone on ravelry actually made a dress out of this yarn---Ha ha haa haaaaaaa!

Dude, look at the cool shopper's gallery on Etsy's chat site. It's kindof a shortcut way to see neat products sold there. I love the sea-glass bracelet....

Dudes, did I show you this cool sideways knit sweater I want to make? It's so cute:Dude.

DUDE, this rocks: Anyone interested in making a baby surprise jacket (that famous pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman) might benefit from these notes about how to keep from getting lost. Kindof a nice resource, I'm a-thinkin'. :D Because, I really need to experience the BSJ myself. I'm after as many different projects as I can get, to build my confidence and understanding of technique.

Another sweater I'd like to make is Siobhanna. Sooooo pretty, and it's crocheted, which usually goes pretty fast. Dude, yeah.

I will leave you with a parting look at the first photo of my star blankie--I was remiss in not posting this before the FO pic, but you can see that it was a fun and colorful project with each addition of colors!
C ya



Susan said...

OK by the 85th dude I had the uncontrollable giggles. Love those mushrooms but you are obviously spending way more time than I am on Ravelry!

Opal said...

Dude! Cute afghan! Dude! Cute sweater!

Aim said...

Thanks, Dudes :D

Sharon said...

Dude way cool sweater. (dude) :-)

hakucho said...

Wow all those mushrooms are awesome! You certainly always find the neatest patterns :)