Thursday, April 10, 2008

Granny swap

I didn't want to spoil the surprise, so I waited. Here's the pic of everything I sent to my swap pal in Belgium:

That there is a $35 skein of Socks That Rock yarn (with Tencel.) I hope my pal likes it. That's more than I've ever spent on a single skein of yarn. And an easy way to get to near the $50 minimum we were supposed to spend on our swappies. I sent her some Caribou espresso beans--yummy yum. The books are some vintage knit and crochet patterns I got on Ebay last year. I admit, I did photocopy some of the projects before sending them. Hey, they were in my personal pattern stash :) And of course, the granny bag I made.

I feel the urge to bake. I have no time, but I have the urge. Maybe I can do that instead of sleep tonight, heh. The problem is, I have been so bad about exercise. Basically I stopped doing it. These hips don't need me to bake.

I was belly-dancing, then somehow even that became too much for me to continue so I stopped over a year ago. I have such limited time after work. I think knitting has taken over my life =D And that's OKAY. But I do miss being slim. Thirty extra pounds is a bit much to carry around. So I am re-starting my efforts to exercise. Yoga. Dog-walking. Jogging. Dance.

That was one of my New Year Resolutions, let me remind you. I have, however, caught every infection that has come my way in the past 4 months, it being flu season and all. This put the kabosh on my plans (YOU try to do "downward dog" when you have diarrhea! Or work up a sweat with a runny nose and fever. N't!)

So, I'm starting AGAIN. Four months later, I can finally go outdoors and become physically active. I jogged with my puppy last night. And have been doing yardwork this past weekend. I feel rejuvenated...isn't that what Spring is all about?! YAY for spring!

P.S. The grass is the same color as Meinstein. Yay for green after months of brown!


KimT said...

good job on jogging last night! I did not even resolve to excersise, but I need to start soon!

hakucho said...

Wow, that is expensive yarn...but I bet your pal will love it :)