Saturday, July 4, 2009

Like clockwork

Poor pups. My doggie is terrified of fireworks. Sigh, every year it's the same thing, I feel so bad for him.

In years past, my vet had me give him first Benadryl, then some doggie sedative, and now Xanax. He is inconsolable this time of year; now it is July 3rd again, and even 2 doses of the Xanax is not enough. So I had to refer back to this dosing of puppy benadryl, and give him some of that too. I hope he can relax soon! I stayed home from knitting to be with him but my presence only does so much.

And because he is such a FREAK about this stuff, our older dog is starting to act nervous about it too. Sigh.

I spent a marvelous lazy day reading, laying around, eating ice cream and processing my vacation videos and photos. Yay for time off! I have finished 2 books about Yellowstone: one is called "Death in Yellowstone" and chronicles deaths of all kinds in the national park. When you think about it, it has not been that long since that area was made a National Park (1872). That is really a short time, as history goes! It was fascinating to read about bear attacks, boiling hot springs, freezing to death, falling over cliffs, etc. In a strange sort of way. I've never read anything like that before!

The other book I finished today was called "37 days of Peril; Lost in Yellowstone" and is a true account by one of the first explorers of that area, who got separated from his party and whose horse ran away with all his tools, clothing, and supplies! This guy had to survive on thistle roots and keep warm during snowstorms by sleeping next to hot springs! Very interesting reading (from the comfort of my armchair with plenty of food and modern conveniences at my beck and call!)

I'm fascinated with the Mountain Men of American History, and have 2 more books to read about Yellowstone from their eyes. Should be fun =)

Have a happy holiday weekend, and enjoy your freedom--it is hard-earned.


Carrie K said...

I don't blame your poor pup, I hate all the noise myself. CA is so dry there's no joy for me in fireworks. Worst holiday celebration EVER. The pancake breakfasts and parades are good though. ;)

Yellowstone is gorgeous! I don't blame you for gushing at all. Those books sound like quite the adventure reading too.

Who wrote "37 Days of Peril"? I found the other one at my library - huzzah! but not the other one. I can't tell if they don't have it or it's catalogued oddly.

Aim said...

Carrie--The book's actual title is "Lost in the Yellowstone: Truman Everts's 'ThirtyS-Seven Days of Peril'" which is edited by Lee Whittlesey (I guess he's the Park Archivist at Yellowstone)