Saturday, July 11, 2009

Smile Today and Then Go Knit!

Yeaaaaaaaah, baby!

I might as well post this pattern. Unless I do it today while it is fresh on my mind, it'll probably be more months before I get around to it!

Okay, don't laugh guys. I'm a beginning designer, and really only an intermediate knitter. My patterns reflect this.

This is my version of Grandmother's Favorite Washcloth. I wanted big picots on mine, so here goes:

CO one stitch.
K one, turn.
KFB, turn.
KFB, KFB, turn.
KFB, K2, KFB. (6 stitches)
K across for 2 rows.
KFB, KFB, YO, K across.
KFB, KFB, YO, K across.
BO the first 2 stitches (using up the first 3 stitches), K1, YO, K across.
BO the first 2 stitches (as above), K1, YO, K across.
Repeat these last 4 rows until the diagonal of piece is the size you want--I knit mine to 50 sts.
Then K2, YO, K across, turn.
Repeat last row.
KFB, KFB and slip the second stitch you made back onto the left-hand needle. Now, K2tog (the one you just slipped with the next one), YO, K2tog, then K across. Turn.
Repeat this row back in the other direction.
BO the first 2 stitches (using 3 stitches total), K1, YO, K2tog, K across. Turn.
Repeat this row.
Repeat the last 4 rows until you have 9 stitches left.
BO2 as nml on picot, then K2tog, YO, K2tog, K across. (6 stitches)
K1, K2tog, K2tog, K1. (4 stitches)
K across.
K1, K2tog, K1. (3 st)
K1, K2tog.
K2 tog.
BO last stitch.

And there you have it! Easy peasy, right? (p.s. please let me know if there are errors in the pattern cuz I'm still new to pattern writing)

I culled this from the stalled alphablogging "Letter K" post that has been sitting unfinished since April 21! But I'm not done with alphablogging, I just need to get my mojo back.

Other news: I baked me a pie. Blueberry, to be exact.

My top crust is homemade-looking, but this thing tasted divine. I make pies a lot, but this was the first time I used my new stoneware for it. It worked great, I didn't have to make a foil "tent" for the crust, it never came close to burning! YAY for less fuss!

I went to the Haeger Pottery Outlet near us several weeks ago--I'd forgotten this place is so close, and it has some really good buys. Since I didn't need any new lamps, vases, or plant pots, I couldn't resist this baking-stone type cookware. (I have a pizza stone we've been using for 10 years, that thing makes the best pizzas on the planet. I love it!)

Next up will be either a cobbler or lasagna in my new casserole dish! Yum.

Happy knitting, and watch the road for those notorious babies on skates!


Kayl said...

Thank you for your sharing. It`s so funny :D

Carrie K said...

Oh yum, that pie looks delicious. We've got a stone for pizzas but I'd not thought of one for lasagnas.

Cute discloth! I love the picot edges.

I keep seeing that link for those babies but it just looks scary to me! I suppose I should watch and be amused but still.

hakucho said...

Thanks for posting your version of grandmother's favorite :) I'm book- marking it so that my next baby prayer blanket will have a new look!
happy knitting :)