Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rockin' the Time Off

Female and kid Bighorn Sheep, Yellowstone.

Ah, the luxury of three days off in a row! I'm feelin' good here.

I wasted the first day, laying around as I mentioned. Yesterday I opened up a can of Whoop Ass (Chili) and made cornbread b/c it has been COLD and rainy around here. Yeh, I know. In July.

I anticipate finishing the Simple Knitted Tee today! Woo hoo! Then that cotton sucka is going into the hottest washer setting and then the drier. After that pre-shrink, I will wet it again, and block it (that's if it looks like crap coming straight out of the drier. I think it will.)

I had some reflection time yesterday while knitting. Still dealing with my grandfather's death. His birthday was the 4th of July, so every year I will be reminded sweetly of him and my grandma, and their lovely influence on my life. I miss them...

I didn't let on, but last weekend I finally acquired some much-lusted-after Louet Euroflax in the Goldilocks colorway. I think I might cast on for a linen sweater next. I don't have a linen sweater, but I love the linen pants I've had forever, and the drape just keeps getting better with each washing. I have plenty of wool sweaters on the needles, but it's not wool-knitting weather, ya know? (At least mentally....)

While on the subject of linen, I remember seeing an article in Martha magazine (or maybe it was on her first show) about linen sheets. I am lusting after those, too. I can only imagine how crisp, soft and luxurious they are to sleep on--but it must be a high thread count. I hate sleeping on coarsely woven bedding.

I am nearly finished processing (uploading, cataloguing, captioning, organizing) all 4,000 or so photos of Yellowstone. Don't worry, I would not dream of boring you with all of them. The beauty of a digital camera is that the more photos I take, the more GOOD ONES I've captured. So I'll keep sharing some of THOSE. (I've probably ditched about 200 completely useless pics....)

Here is a photo of as close as I got to a black bear in Yellowstone

You can see the police car there--this was required to KEEP PEOPLE MOVING! It took us about 15 minutes to get past there, and by the time we could see what the fuss was about we were not allowed to stop. Grrrr. But look how cute they look (from a car!)

p.s. did I mention I love Yellowstone?


Junie Moon said...

I'm really enjoying your post today. We're just back from our road trip (we also took over 4,000 photos just as you did). Yellowstone is on our list for next summer.

It's fun to see that you got some Louet Euroflax in the Goldilocks colorway as I did, too, and am working on a project with it. I'm crazy over the Louet Euroflax linen yarn and love the shawl I made with it last year.

Carrie K said...

I believe you might have mentioned it once or twice. Did you catch the show on it on the Travel Channel?

Bears!! Awesome.