Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday Surf

This is an edited post I started last weekend--hopefully it's not too random :)

Some crafty links:
homemade padded envelopes tutorial. These are cute and retro, depending on the papers you use. Great recycling idea!

I like this one a lot: gift bags made from an envelope! She even gives a pdf file to print out the "stamp" on it. So cute and really looks easy.

Some knitting scoops:
My new favorite blog is Flutterby Patch. This link takes you to a very sweet knitted daffodil pattern! She has some amazing free patterns, and the cutest blog I've ever seen! LOVE IT!

You should also head on over to Little Cotton Rabbits' page for the free tiny knit bunnies and bearsfor Easter. These are so cute! She never fails to amaze me with her bunny cuteness....

Another fat bunny pattern here is free.

This is really cool: a periodic table of knitting. What a great idea for science geeks like me! I love it!!!

Some cute sewing ideas:
Meet Me At Mike's has a list of cute Easter project links, for bunnies, eggs, baskets, etc. Cute stuff.

Allsorts has a great felt bunny pin to sew. Very sweet.

There are the sweetest little "Kimono Shoes" found at this site, along with many other fun sewing patterns, for things like reusable sandwich bags, a t-shirt shrug, laundry bags, wallets, photo albums, pincushions, and you-name-it. A great link list of how-tos.

Lastly, I like this post at Maya*made blog. I really like to do my own fabric stamping--I remember back in art class,(6th grade?!) when we did linoleum printing, that was so cool. I like the scarf she printed and made with her own stamp.

Back when DD was a baby, I cut a potato in half, then carved a heart on one side, and a cow on the other. I stamped an old bedsheet allover with these in various blues fabric paints, and then used the fabric in a quilt. (I still have the quilt, but some of those squares are shredded because tying it created huge holes!). I remember how engrossing that project was, and how it didn't matter that I had to do the painting on the floor of our tiny apartment kitchen! I was fascinated :)

Regarding the homemade dogfood I mentioned in my last post: I used a potroast, the potatoes and carrots, the broth, and added cooked rice and oatmeal, spread it onto baking sheets and baked for about 30 minutes total at 325 degrees, until it was golden brown. Because I did not add flour, it did not crisp into kibble or crackers, but was more like dog-burgers! So I kept it all chopped up in a bowl in the fridge and dished it out to them over the week mixed with Newman's Own dog kibble--they loved it!

Here are a couple dog kibble recipes I found online: from here, and here. I'd like to try again to make kibble or dog treats at least: I have another potroast leftover in the freezer (we just don't do leftovers much anymore).

Okay this has been a very rambling post, but I hope you've enjoyed some of the links :)

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TattingChic said...

What a great big bunch o'links! :)
Happy Easter!
Love the vintage bunny image! :)