Saturday, April 25, 2009

From the Archives....

It's a rainy day here, perfect for lounging and leafing through old mags...

So here is a photo review from my vintage needlework magazine collection. I'm posting them for general inspiration and some of them for laughs =)

(All of these images were taken from Workbasket Magazines from the 1970-71 issues. I will not be posting the patterns, but let the photos give you some great ideas!)

First, lets start with crochet :

Christmas cozies for a tumbler--aren't they kitschy?! They'd look great on a beer bottle too, heh.

Next are crocheted slipper socks--I've never crocheted socks before, but I'd like to try these specifically, I like the way they look. In some fun sock yarn...

More crochet (and this is the kicker):

LOVING the Granny Square Tie!!! Wonder if I could get DH to wear one to work--yeah, baby!

This vintage ad for a "big crochet" book cracks me up--everything old is new again! Funny that "quick" was the draw 38 years ago, just like it is now!

What a cute pineapple potholder, I want to make one of these!

Look at this hilarious chicken egg cozy--it looks more like a puppet! I would probably make this up in worsted weight yarn, super-sized for a kitchen-mitt!!!

Look at this ad from Herrschner's from 1971. It's kinda pretty--imagine making all those bobbles. (Imagine sitting on them...yikes!)

Lastly, a collection of crochet jewelry:
The most basic of crochet jewelry, I think anyone could do this w/o instructions!

Interesting bracelet.

Now for this, I'd need instructions...

Love the idea of a ring!

Here are some knits:

Nice bulky mittens.

One of the cutest bags I've ever seen!

I'm saving the best for last, chicas. I need to make this one because...
(drumroll, please)

...I really want to look like an ELF!

What the?!

Here's hoping you have a creative weekend!


hakucho said...

I'm still wondering what my mother did with all my grandmother's old work basket mags from the 50 and 60's. Sure hope she didn't throw them away....I'm still hopeful I'll find them someday....

Kris said...

Lol! Right! Course you want to look like an elf! All those projects are gorgeous.