Sunday, April 19, 2009

Song of the Hoo Hoo Bird

There is a bird in our neighborhood that I always forget about over the long winter months. This bird's distinction (in my mind) is his song. I don't even know what the bird looks like, but you can hear him in the distance in the wee hours of the morning. His song is 'hoo hoo' (like "you-who" in a sing-song voice) and it cracks me up. It's like he is trying to get my attention.

I love the Hoo Hoo Bird. It means that winter is over!

This morning is sweet soft weather, a drizzle that is more like a mist from the Garden of Eden. There is a riot of birdsong, Hoo Hoo Bird included, and the light is muted as well from the overcast. The ground is greening beautifully. Last night was the first night we slept with the windows open. Such a lovely thing to do. And to be awakened by the Hoo Hoo Bird rocks!! =D

It's spring, I'm loving my short hair, my puppy is healthy. I want to get gardening--I may try to get out there today if it doesn't rain any harder than it is now. I love to garden in the cool rain, it makes me feel so vital!

Have you all seen the kimono by Ropeknits on Ravelry? I love this pattern. Ya know, I love just a few too many my favs list on Ravelry is about 6900 items long (some are duplicates, I just like everybody's work!!!) I'm so inspired by everyone else.

Or how about Sassymetrical? Cute idea, great name!
And, I'm thinking of knitting up a pair of Mother's Day Cotton Slippers Aren't they cute? Great idea, using cotton for slippers, that should feel so good on the tootsies!

Now, I just found a group on Ravelry for the giant-needle knitting! Remember I bought some size 50 needles from the Bagsmith--I have a burning need to make something with them. So I am now searching rav for the patterns to knit up with 3-5 strands of yarn held girlfriend bought a book from the bagsmith. I might want to get that, too. Or at least from the library. Anyway, here is the link to the search for those patterns on Ravelry--check it out!

Oh, and if you're like me and get real tired of having to sign in to Lion Brand website, and want a quicker way to surf their patterns, here is the Lion Brand patterns page from ravelry. It is a bit easier than trying to browse their webpages.

Well now, the rain has gotten steadily heavier, and the sky more leaden. There is still a lot of bird activity out there, but inside, I feel like curling up with my bagsmith needles and going to town! I hope to have some pics for you soon, I have a lot of lingering projects that are ALMOST finished, but not yet.

--gotta go knit now. May the Hoo Hoo Bird sing in your backyard too!


hakucho said...

Those slippers ARE super cute :)

Thanks for the link!

Glad you are enjoying your birdie friend ;)

TattingChic said...

That's a cute story about that birdie!

Those white bleeding hearts are so pretty! Are they in your garden?

Aim said...

Hey Chic--those bleeding hearts were photographed in my garden last spring. So far this year we have nothing but brown trees and daffodils (and now early magnolia blooms!)

Thanks for reading!