Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Morning Coffee

How about a little book review? Grab a cuppa Joe--I have been book shopping, as usual, let me share them with you.

I am absolute trouble in a bookstore.

First, the book "Fiber Gathering".

This book attracted me for several reasons, one is that I can vicariously visit many fiber fests across the US by reading this. Another is that there are instructions for all different steps of fiber prep, such as skirting a fleece.

That's kinda cool for a dreaming-of-yarn-farming kind of gal. And a third reason is that there are cute patterns scattered throughout: look at this lovely Ruana

I'm having fun reading through this book. Maybe I'll get to visit one of those fiber fests soon!

Another book I got recently is all about reversible knitting.

Sitting down in the store, and leafing through this book, I thought "I have to get this." It is full of techniques for reversible knitting in all types of knits, such as colorwork, lace, cables, etc.

Did you know you could do this with completely different cable patterns?! I'm amazed...I was especially fond of the two scarf patterns shown here:

Can't wait to work at least one of these!

And I also popped for this book on colorwork.

It has sections on intarsia (which I will definitely refer to if I ever get around to doing intarsia), stranded techniques, color theory,

and even does a little study on the differences you get knitting with multicolored yarns in different weights and textures.

Do I look like I'm preparing for a long winter?! I guess I do...

I am cranking through the books these days, fiction and non. I just finished The Host by Stephenie Meyer--it was amazing as all her writing is, but so strange that it took me the first 100 pages of squirming and thinking I would not be able to keep reading before I finally became empathetic to the main character. Read it, guys, it's good.

Okay, I guess I can face the work week now =) Have to if I'm going to continue funding such a booklover's lifestyle!!!

Have a good week. (Edited for typos and such--I was in a hurry to post before leaving for work!)


hakucho said...

The book on reversible knits is quite the find :)

Acornbud said...

Those are some very interesting books!

Mary Anne said...

I always enjoying read book reviews and yours are especially insightful and entertaining, thanks!

Junie Moon said...

I so appreciate your sharing the books with us. I just checked "The Host" out of the library, but have to finish another book first. I've been rather hesitant about reading it -- don't know why as I absolutely love the Twilight series.