Saturday, February 28, 2009

winter surf

(click to see crazy icefisherman in middle of lake)

Bye bye you nasty ol' February you.Bring on MARCH!!!! OOoooh, I'm so excited for spring, it's close enough to taste.

Some new bloggy-poos I found that I really like:

JaanaMaa--she posted the cutest owl sweater!!! She makes some gorgeous things.

The pattern for the cabled owls sweater is found here. The designer's blog is here. Love. It.

I'm liking the Zietgeist blog, which I just discovered. Her heart sweater is the cutest thing evah. I am enjoying reading her experiences developing a yarn distributorship.

I am considering knitting the Bed of Roses Shawl for my next lace project...I have some pretty blue wool and I think it would be just right for that. Isn't it a pretty pattern?!

Another free elann pattern I'm thinking about is the Luna Skirt It would be fun to knit a large lacy project that you could then wear as a skirt, but I'm not sure I like the full-skirt effect, nor the length of the one pictured. Pretty sure you could make it shorter easily....

Am also trying to plan what to make with my various homespuns. Granted, I don't have that much spun up yet, but I was thinking it would be fun to knit up something that incorporated all my homespun scraps, like a garter-stripe shawl. Or maybe squares for a blankie?

I found this cute free pattern for a basic shawl, I might try this--I like the one BalkanStyle did.

I also discovered Ozbambi's blog--love the dyeing with Koolaid post. I'll have to go back and read that in depth when I get around to dyeing my own.

Did I mention already that I love Cindy's blog? The beading is making me crazy--I so want to learn about that, especially wirework. Like I have time. Sigh

Mohair in Summer is the blog of a talented Japanese knitter. She is always cranking out the FOs.

Spinning Jenny is another blog of a spinner knitter crafty person, who is inspiring for what she makes.

And how about Ilga Leja's patterns? Such as Lake of the Woods:

Wow, I'm loving that.

This shawl, called "Gail", is just gorgeous! Love the Sea Silk...

And a well-written intro to toe-up sock knitting. My first socks were made that way, the second pair were top-down Jaywalkers which I don't like as much. I'd rather start with the toe....
So much inspiration out there, I'm stymied!!!

So much rambling, so little time to knit! See ya.


mlanezoo said...

I just cast on for the owl sweater today! Found it as I was doing a Ravelry browse and fell immediately in love!! How fun that you discovered it as well.

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Thanks for the shawl-love! I've made two more since for friends' birthdays! It's the most enjoyable knit ever. Really. :)

Junie Moon said...

I'll have to check out all the wonderful links you've shared. That Lake of the Woods looks lovely and I love the very idea of something called Sea Silk.

And, like you, I wholeheartedly welcome the month of March. I can feel spring in the air for sure.