Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Mend-day

I deserve a pat on the back. I just spent 2 days cleaning, organizing, de-constructing my sewing room, and making room for another new chair:

Isn't it lovely?! I fell totally in love with this chair at Pier One. And I told myself, "Self, you can have that chair if you pick up your sewing table/mess." So, after 4 years of procrastinating about cleaning up my sewing table and craft area, I finally did it. OMG I cannot believe how much great stuff I had stacked up and forgotten. And how long I let it go....

Anyway, I knew it would be a monstrous huge project, which is why I kept putting it off. I got it down to just the basics yesterday, moved some furniture around, and then this morning I found mending that needed to be done. So, before I put away the sewing machine and serger, I mended:

  • 3 pairs of pants
  • 4 sweaters/shirts
  • 2 towels
  • 1 pair undies ;-)
I feel like I've gotten so much done!!!

One of the best things I fixed was this silk/cotton sweater top from Coldwater Creek. The neck edge started fraying--this is one of my fav tops in spring and summer.

In my stash, I found some periwinkle ricrac that matched perfectly!!! So now you can't even see the frayed edge, and it can't fray any farther because of the zigzag stitch I used! Yeah, I love that.

I still have bags of things to go through--if I didn't just dump some of it into bags, I'd be working on it for days more...But the lion's share of the work is done, and I feel great!

AND, most importantly, I have another place in my house where I can knit! Woohoooooo! I love this room of the house, it has 2 east-facing windows and one south. Lots of morning sunshine. I spend much time in here on my computer, but now I get to do more!

This morning I put a 3 lb tip roast into the crockpot with oregano, fresh rosemary sprigs, garlic, and lemon slices to cover. We're going to have some beef sandwiches with the Superbowl! Can't wait. I'm hoping to also whip out another batch of granola--we can't keep that stuff in stock!

Here's a photo of a quilt top I turned up in my fabric stash:

There are bunches of polar-fleece; I made 2 blankets this morning by simply cutting off the selvedges. DS got one with print of the Chicago Bears, DD got one with the USMC logos on it.

I found some Hello Kitty fabrics, including the one that I overdyed. I found lots of fabrics for work clothes and sun-dresses, quilts in progress and a whole bunch of quilting patterns I'd forgotten I'd bought 3 years ago! Sheesh.

Have a Happy Superbowl Sunday, y'all!


Lost Arts Guild said...

You are SO clever! Thanks for stopping by Thistle Cove Farm and many thanks for your prayers! Both are appreciated. I really enjoyed my visit to your your things for "f".
Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm although it's going to say something else...

Mary Anne said...

Your new chair is so beautiful! I love the brown colour, it looks so cozy and inviting. Good for you with all the cleaning and organizing too.

Aim said...

Thanks guys! I guess you could call it wishful-thinking-spring-cleaning =)