Saturday, January 31, 2009

"F" is for

Sun-dog. Just kiddin'. But isn't it cool?

F is for Fiber farmers!!! I can dream this, and live vicariously through others online....Watch this:

F is for Fabric! Woo hoooooo, the fabric. I am loving all the fabric designer's blogs I'm finding lately. I have a beautiful varied stash of fabrics of my own, but am always lusting after more, like a good quilter =D

Look at the beautiful fabrics Lila Tueller posted. Are they not stunning?! Drool.

I dream of designing my own fabric for a short run print at Spoonflower...what a cool thing!

Flowers are one of my favorite things in all the world. If there are flowers growing, they will find their way into vases in my house. I'm happiest when I can pick a handful of violets from our lawn to put on a windowsill in a tiny bottle. Flowers are reminiscent of all things good! Picnics, weddings, childhood, summer, sunshine....

Cutest sewing project: fabric flower bowls. How sweet those are! Don't know what I'd use them for, but they sure are cute :) Maybe I could take one to work and keep paper clips in it....(After this post, it's gonna seem a long time until spring)

F is for Free patterns. Specifically this free heart dishcloth pattern looks really cute, would be great to knit for Valentine's Day!

F is for Fairisle. This knitting style is full of color possibilities. I love the thought of charting my name, or some great saying and then knitting it up into a work of art that's personalized!

And speaking of which, look what someone did with Kate Gilbert's Bird in Hand pattern---adapted it to a hat! This is fair-isle at its cutest!!!

F is for felting, another technique I'd love to do more of. I'm thinking a felted blanket--wouldn't that be the bomb?! Nice and thick....

F is for fishies. Look at the great colors in this version of the fish blankie! Makes me want to get some of that Dream in Color yarn. Yes, I need more yarn, mm hmm. (And peripherally related to fishies, is this beautiful blanket made from dishcloth patterns!)

F is for Friday night knitting! Man do I love getting together with knit-friends. It is really nice at the end of a loooooooong work week. Thanks, Molly, for hosting us in your shop every week!

So, are y'all enjoying the ABCs? It's interesting to have an "assignment" to follow, and challenging to my blah-boring writing style to put something together cohesively....enjoy your F's!

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