Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wooly update

The Republic hat from my last post. Here's the pic. Cute hat, huh? It is not too tight, so it doesn't smash my hairdo, but it sure is warm.

Update on my WIPs...

Summer Sampler Stole: here's what I finally did. I looked in many of my great books for a narrower knit edging that would take up half as much yarn. Like this:

or one of these:

From this library book:

This is not my preference though, as it would require frogging the many hours of knitting I've already done on the original edging. I'm extremely reluctant to rip out all that effort. So yesterday, I went instead to, where I had purchased my original yarn from, and ordered the same item number that I'd gotten before. It should be here in short order. And if the yarn doesn't match, I'll have to follow my backup plan of frogging and re-knitting a narrower edge. I'll cry if I have to do that though!

My newest WIP is my Bird in Hand mittens from Kate Gilbert. First cuff:

I'm loving the colorwork, and I'm actually getting gauge with this. However, I'm not a big fan of knitting with worsted weight yarn on size 1 needles! I will most certainly have tendonitis when I'm done. Next time I use this pattern, it will be DK or sport weight on 4's or 5's. But this is making an ironclad fabric! Your hands won't be cold in these mittens.

Next up is: Junie Moon's bandage drive--knit or crochet a cotton bandage (4 feet by 3 inches) to send to lepers in Vietnam. There are links regarding this story at her blog--it seems a touching thing to knit.

If I had a knitting machine, I'd crank out lots of these for charity. Seems like that would be more efficient. But I don't have a knitting machine. So I'm knitting one "prayer bandage" for someone who I hope it will comfort. If you want to participate in Junie's bandage drive, better hurry. She needs your bandages by Feb 14.... I'm thinking superbowl knitting!

That's all the yarny news for now, folks.