Saturday, January 17, 2009


Casting on...

I can't believe there are so many different ways to cast on for your knitting. And they all have different effects in the finished product. Of course, I'm no master at them--I think off-hand I "know" 3 different ways to cast on. But I know
where to find the others if I need them!

Now for a food topic. I love Cheese! (Glorious Cheese.) I wish I knew of a gourmet cheese shop close, but I'm satisfied with the offerings of Trader Joe's and my local Italian deli/imports store. There's a store in a neighboring town that carries about 6 or 7 different fresh Feta cheeses in it's deli. They let you taste it before buying. YUM. I got the most exquisite Bulgarian Feta once from there. (Now tell me, have you ever heard of Feta cheese described as "exquisite"? Well, this stuff WAS!!!)

Cheese-making has always been something I have a peripheral interest in, though I've never made anything more involved than farmer's cheese, or yogurt cheese. Here's a great
link to cheesemaking instructions for many types of cheeses. (But don't read the link on rennet-making unless you want to gross out.)

Creativity is on my mind lately. In a nutshell, it's what makes me tick. Even if the things I make are not one-hundred percent original, the joy of creating something from scratch is what I live for! Especially in this season of "burrowing in", when the weather is bitter beyond these walls, the urge to surround myself with handmade creations runs high. It's better than sleeping all winter! And I love to share in everyone else's creativity--that's why I love blogging! =D

Crochet is one of my fav pursuits. Check out
this lovely rug made by frydogdesigns. Man is that ever freakin' cute! I love the inspiration piece too, that she has linked to. Crochet is really free-spirited sometimes!

I don't know, guys...I think this ABC thing is falling kinda flat. Maybe I need something else to inject a little life into my posts. Like imagination, or something. Sigh.

Oh, I know! Cables. How could I forget Cables!!!! I LOVE them so much in the world of knitting. Do you know, I was making the photomosaic below, and was going through my flickr photos, and realized that in 2007, I CRANKED on cables. In 2008, not so much. Hmmmm.

Aim's "C" Projects:

DSC07378, 2. DSC07709, 3. DSC07948, 4. DSC08379, 5. DSC07414, 6. DSC08031, 7. DSC03396, 8. ripple crochet mat, 9. DSC07236, 10. cupcake hats, 11. DSC07007, 12. clapotis on bridal wreath in bloom, 13. DSC06611, 14. DSC06599, 15. DSC06973, 16. DSC07024, 17. DSC03519, 18. DSC03385, 19. crochet granny flag, 20. DSC03436, 21. DSC03416, 22. DSC07399, 23. DSC06524, 24. DSC05935, 25. DSC01103

I love Color. I have a general sense of color use; I'd really like some training in color and design, though. It just doesn't come naturally to me when creating from scratch, but I sure know good color combos when I see them! Such a sense of pleasure that gives....take for example this afghan by
Kidd (rav link):

Isn't Noro stunning?! Love that stuff for its color(BTW, this pattern is a WIST)

I love Crafts, too! Lots of good things start with C!!!

I made myself a Cap: the republic Hat. (I know, that was Cheezy) And just in time for keeping my head warm in the 35 below zero windchills yesterday. I'll post a pic in an upcoming post (I don't have a photo yet, sorry.) Pattern also available in her sidebar here.


mlanezoo said...

Hi Aim, I love the idea of an ABC blog and wish I had thought of it first! You always have such fun links - so inspiring!! - Michelle

hakucho said...

I love cheese too...anything tastes better with cheese :)

Acornbud said...

Lots of great c's!

Lin said...

I love the Noro blanket!

Mary said...


Gee, I don't know the first thing about knitting but I'm so impressed with what you do! The colors are awesome!

And, I love that Bird of Paradise below. LOL!

Krawuggl said...

Dear Aim,
thank you so much for your lovely comment. Fortunately today the sun is shining here and therefore I am much more happy than yesterday. Although I do love the winter with it´s frozen days and lots of snow, I do like this weather only until the start of a new year and then I wish that it would quickly be spring.
I browsed your blog a bit, so many pretty items I have discovered and I especially love your crochetted flower squares, most pretty! Will make a marvellous blanket.
Have a gorgeous week,
with my best wishes,

hetty said...

Gotta love the letter C! But you left out cats and corn on the cob and crocuses!