Friday, January 23, 2009

Dear Mr. Pres

Before January leaves us, I wish to publish the following brief note:

Dear Former President Mr. Bush:

Thank you for enduring 2 terms of thankless servitude to the American people.

Thank you for not placing your own personal desires before the responsibilities of your office.

Thank you for not demanding to keep your personal handheld communications device when for the sake of our national security you were asked to give it up as president.

Thank you for leading our troops with honor, for taking a firm stand against terrorism and the evils of Saddam Hussein.

Thank you for quietly persevering with decisions of nonsocialism in spite of media slanting against you.

Thank you for politely enduring the malicious devaluing of your service by the incoming regime's propaganda, especially blatant on the day of your departure. You have conducted yourself in a manner befitting a president.

And finally, I thank you for so graciously accepting your election defeat and stepping down with dignity. Compared to the childish manner in which power was relinquished by the Democrats in 2001, it was refreshing.

You have proven yourself and your Party civilized, controlled, and worthy of my respect. And I am proud to say I voted for you, and stood behind my decision while you were in office.


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Bella said...

Nice tribute...thank you.