Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finishing up

So, it is difficult to pick up and move on after such a blow to the family. But life continues....

I finished my Bandage for Lepers in Vietnam, and mailed it to June at JunieMoon: I was reading her recap on using smaller thread; I really liked the FO made in size 10 crochet thread on size 2 knitting needles. I wonder what was used before?

The bandage was fiddly to make, but extremely satisfying when it was done! Wierd, must be my medical bent.

I knit a Kerlix!

I hope it got to her in usual I mailed it late and had to send it express-mail to get it there by the deadline! Expensive charity knit--Sigh.

I finished up my first Bird In Hand mitten while traveling for my grampa's funeral. And on 2/20, I sewed the picot hem. These are really warm and cute! I don't know if I'm going to have enough red yarn to make the second one...we'll see. I think I bought another ball of that and stashed it somewhere.

Another B-I-H tidbit: I saw and fell in love with natsuko's bird mitten, so I charted it from her picture and am putting that motif into the palm of the left hand like she did. Too cute!

I have also been working on the reversible cable scarf from "Cables Untangled" by Melissa Leapman.

I started this a couple years ago, then put it down as the color was all wrong for the gift I was planning. Now I'm making it for me--it contrasts oddly with Meinstein (whodathunk.) I decided to make a matching hat with the last ball, then add to the scarf from whatever is left. For the hat I cast on 90 stitches and knit several rows of k2p2 rib, then switched to 6 k and 2 p across. Several rows into that, I began the first cable twist. This sure takes up a lot of yarn!

Here's a pic of a cute machine knit tammie I picked up at the local drugstore for 5 dollars.

I bought it knowing there was no way it's one-size-fits-all-craziness was going to fit my huge noggin. But I think it's cute for a teddy bear (if I had one) and it might even fit DD's American Girl doll. I want to chart the words on it, to make one for myself in thicker yarn.

Other textile news: look what I spun up yesterday!

I spent hours during the icky snowstorm, spinning and then plying this nice wool, while The Young and The Restless weekly recap played on the TV. (So glad I tuned back in last night of all nights--Cane just found out his newborn daughter is really his brother's....heh)

I'm getting better (less kinks), my crazy uneven spinning doesn't look half bad when it is made up in very colorful wool! I'm proud of this skein, made from 4 oz merino wool hand-dyed by Gale Evans in her 'Crayon Box' colorway. I can't wait to see what I can knit up in this lovely happy yarn! Looks like sherbet =)

And, last but not least, I just recieved my cashmere laceweight yarn from China, and with luck it'll match the Summer Sampler Lace Shawl so I can finish that up before this summer!!!

That's it for my knitterly recap. Hope everyone else is having such a textilicious February.

Until next time....


Barbara said...

That kerlix is pretty cool! Can't wait to see what you knit with the laceweight!

Junie Moon said...

I really appreciate your participation in the bandage effort. We used kitchen cotton in previous projects.

All of your knitting projects look great. I'm working on a shawl using a homespun yarn that's quite fabulous.

Lucy said...

Crazy uneven spinning? are you mad? It looks gorgeous and snuggly, and do you have any idea how much Rowan would charge for that one skein if they gave it a funky name? A fortune! Treasure it - It's eally hard to spin slubby wool once you've practised enough to go smooth!