Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Woo hoo, I get to go to a conference for 4 solid days of knitting while I attend lectures! Yahooooooooo! Though I can think of better things to do with my Saturday, I really need my CME credits. And think of all the knitting I can get done in 4 days!!!

Last night I knit a hat (for me!!!) See my new haircut?

It matches the Reversible Cable scarf. Of course, the hat is not reversible, but I made the cables match.

It was really fun to hide the decreases in the cabling. I'm proud of designing this one!

And today at my lunch hour, I finished the scarf!! I will wear them both tomorrow with Meinstein--I'll be walking down the street in magenta and peuce.

Yeah, baby I'll be stopping traffic! Heh.

But I'll be warm. Parking is about 1/2 mile from the convention center unless I want to pay $11 daily. That would eventually cost more than the actual conference by the end of the week! I would rather park in the bus station and get some exercise for about 1/4 the price. Call me cheap if you want....

Almost done with bird in hand mitten #2. But I won't even try to take charted knitting to the conference to work on, that would just be silly!!! I need something I don't have to look at. I should try to start the feather and fan comfort shawl, or some garter stitch thing, like washcloths!

Gotta go now and block that scarf in prep for tomorrow! I'll post scarf pics soon!


Junie Moon said...

Great job on your knitting projects. I've been thinking about trying a hat. I'd like one to match my Irish Hiking Scarf and yours with the cables would be perfect. What a great use of time at the conference, knitting for 4 days -- ah, the bliss.

Aim said...

June--thanks for your comment. Making a hat to match the Irish Hiking Scarf would be a great small project! I think there's a pattern on Ravelry for that....

mlanezoo said...

What a CUTE doggie...I love how he/she(?) is sitting on his/her butt. My ratties do that too! Great job on your projects - love the colors!

Alice said...

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All the best and keep up the good job!