Sunday, March 29, 2009

March is not over yet....

This is the view at 5 AM. Sigh.

Good golly (and jeepers) I hate spending so much time trying to reconfigure my computer. Every night this week after I got home from work, I have worked to fix it up. I'm getting very annoyed.

Anyway, at least my display is working well enough for me to be able to see online now.

I have been very busy, my pretties. I started a shawl: the Swedish Heartwarmer from "Handknit for the Holidays" by Melanie Falick. I saw someone's version on Ravelry, and it looked so different in the colors she chose, that I got inspired. And, I feel so happy: I used my multi-colored homespun. And I LOVE the way it looks!

Here is a pic of the work in progress. My mods include using different charts, and making the upper portion of this in stripes using normal yarn alternating with my lumpy homespun. It's so cushy!!! I had a bit of a time figuring out measurements due to the difference in gauge in the two yarns, but that has been a learning experience. I'm also substituting some of the charts on the shawl with different ones.

Right now I'm working a (slightly adapted) chart from my new book "The Art of Fair Isle Knitting" by Ann Feitelson.

(One of my fav patterns on Rav is in this book: Hillswick Lumber. Someday I'll make that.) I had a birthday last week, and DH treated me to a shopping spree at one of my fav knit shops. I got this great book, 2 random skeins of Noro Kureyon for stashing, and 2 sets of Addi needles for the shawl. (I was in such a hurry to make this once I had the idea, I cast on with straight needles, and ran out of needle-space on the way to the store! B-day shopping came just in time!!!)

Also, for my b-day, I brought 3 bottles of wine to Friday night knitting. Heh. I didn't knit a stitch, but not b/c of the wine =D A friend who has always wanted to learn to knit was there, and I spent the whole night showing her--I think she got it. She learns really quick!

I have tried to pick up the Summer Sampler Shawl to finish the edging, now that I have yarn. (It looks like the yarn will match!!! Good thing I bought a natural color to begin with!) It's gonna take some concentration to relearn the chart symbols and the pattern repeat. Not really into it right now.

I also came to the unhappy realization that my gauge has tightened up on the Hanne Falkenberg kit (Ballerina) that I started. I got the whole left front done, then when I looked at it ON ME--it is way too short. I'm long-waisted anyway. Grrr. I may have to unravel and start over. So I put that one down too. Sigh.

Spring is finally here, I can't wait to get outside and work in the yard. Last Sunday would've been a great day to do that, but I had a scrapbooking day with DD--we spent 6 hours doing it!!! What a blast, though I do feel like I missed out on the weather! It's snowing heavily right now. Look at the great big "snowballs" that are falling from the sky!!!

Happy Spring!

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Acornbud said...

Ooh, brr! Snow. I love what you are doing with your homespun. It is beautiful.

Monika said...

Happy belated Birthday! Your shawl looks awesome! I had the book home for a few days from the library, and I was admiring that shawl too! Your new book looks very interesting too. We've had one day in the yard so far, and so much to do. Today it's raining real hard. I'm cozy in here, and the dogs are snoozing, after a speedy trip outside. :o)

hakucho said...

Happy Birthday a little bit late :)
Your shawl is going to be lovely. The homespun is wonderful. Love the color combo. Looks very intricate!
Good luck :)

happy knitting :)