Tuesday, January 1, 2008

what I got for Christmas

He likes to play in the snow!

I got this fun calendar for Christmas from DD. Will be nice to flip through these daily while at work this year! Not that I need anymore project ideas, but it's nice to keep the inspiration going!!

Wow, I just spent about 4 hours on Ravelry (1/1/08), with breaks to move the laundry along, and eat. I can just blow a whole day on that website! My brain is spinning right now. I must get off the 'puter b/c DH is going to have a hissy if I don't give him a turn :()

Again, Happy New Year.

Okay, now it's 1/2/08. I just worked all day again, what a workhorse I can be. I love my job right now.

I am very happy these days. I think the satisfaction of moving through the holidays, being with family and friends, and having well-deserved time off really makes a difference! Plus all the new knitting and surfing time!!!

I am working away on the Hemlock ring. Will be knitting on that tonight. But what has really got me going is the Celestine from Norah Gaughan (pattern on Berocco's website): I cast on last night in my Kauni rainbow yarn, and I'm really excited to be making it in this. I don't know what it will look like in this yarn, but I'm having fun using it! And it's a nice break from the boring color of Hemlock :)

I had a brainstorm too. I really want to use my Jojoland Rhythm yarn for the Klaralund sweater! It is self-striping and a really neat colorway I think would look very well in that pattern. I've been sitting on it wondering what to do with it for a number of months...I love brainstorms!

Well, back to the knitting board. Oh, and by the way, I need to get started on my HK knitting pattern for the KAL blog! The pattern came out Christmas Eve, but I am somewhat behind :)


Acornbud said...

Happy New Year. That dodecahedron looks complicated!

hakucho said...

That dodecahedron would make a wonderful baby toy in bright colors!

Keep knitting happily away :)

Opal said...

That dodecahedron is wicked cool. I can't wait to see you knit up the Klaralund! I love that pattern, but I think it would look like a potato sack on me. Alas! ;-)