Saturday, January 5, 2008

Puppies and Knitting

My puppy talks to the mailman. He is so funny--the same mailman comes everyday around noon, you'd think my puppy would be used to him! But when the guy is across the street, Fizz starts moaning, and singing, and it escalates the closer the guy gets! He gets really agitated, and runs from window to window, looking out and talking all the time, "Row. Woof. Arr. Oooh raar." And then when the mailman finally steps onto our porch, all hell breaks loose and he starts barking like the guy is breaking into the house! It's enough to scare away ANY intruder, but of course, when the puppy is part of your own family, you think it is funny and cute (well, all the build-up is, but the barking at the top of his lungs is a bit much!) He makes the funniest little O-shape with his mouth during all the verbalizations, when he says, "Roor" and pauses, looking at you. Hee hee hee.

Doggies are a blast :) I always think what trouble they could get into if they had fingers and hands...they would be going through the cupboards, eating everything in sight until they got sick, opening doors and going outside to chase everything that caught their fancy! That could be bad :)

Okay, enough about dogs. I want to show you some neat knitting sites I found:

This is a website devoted to sweaters in the book "Poetry in Stitches." I believe the book is of norwegian fair-isle patterns. The pattern on the cover of the book is completely intriguing to me, and I see that book in my future...! Anyway, you can see the progress of some knitters doing these impressive sweaters on the website :)

What the?!!! Ha ha haaaaaaa! There must be a story behind this!

Here's a knit Christmas garland! Kind of a neat idea if you have some novelty yarns in your stash.... you know, for next year!

And this looks like a good resource for anyone interested in trying their hand at their first fair-isle project--lots of references to videos, and yarn lists, and other resources. This is going in my side-bar....

I like this website for inspiration knitting from Japanese knit books! Really great stuff going on over there.


Becki said...

Random, but, woah, you have the same table as me! Mine used to belong to my grandmother. I believe she bought it in either the late 1930s or early 1940s. It never even occurred to me that there would be others out there. Cool!

hakucho said...

If you're into Japanese knitting...did you know there is a yahoo group dedicated to it?...check it out

I joined, but can't keep up with the emails. I use it as web only and check it out when I have time.

happy knitting :)

Acornbud said...

Happy poo. Hmmm...too funny. Those patterns are pretty incredible. Thanks for the links. I can almost hear your dog talking to the mailman.

Opal said...

Happy Poo? That's hilarious! It's actually kind of cute too.

And didn't you know postal workers are the natural enemies of the canine species?!