Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sweater progress, hat pattern!

I'm back. Work has been very mentally exhausting the past 3-4 weeks, and so my blogging is limited to weekends, when I'm somewhat fresh! And last weekend, I had to work for the first time--only 2 hours, but I hope this doesn't start a new trend. I'm already working my tush off during the week!

First, let me show off my new purchase:

I bought it on QVC while late-night knitting (when DH woke me with his snores.) Snoring can be expensive, as this picture proves! I love this lamp!

Here is an update on knitterly progress:

I had started to make a sweater from this cushy, squishy yarn about 15 months ago. The sweater is my first attempt at making something w/o a pattern! I sketched out some pattern pieces and as I knit, I measured myself and how deep an armscye I wanted, how long a waistline, etc. Lots of ripping out and re-starting in the beginning (which I didn't mind, as this is the ultimate 'pleasure knitting' yarn! Knitting it over again and again just means more time for this yarn to run through my fingers, heh!)

It got shelved 9 months ago, and just came onto the needles again this week. I am having a blast with this! It's my first sweater design, my first 3-needle BO for shoulders, my first portrait/shawl collar, my first attempt at shaping sleeve caps with short-rows, etc! I am learning tons, which is half the fun here :) And did I mention I LOVE THIS YARN?! (It is Deluxe Chunky LP 100% Wool by Universal Yarn Company).

The idea for this sweater came after seeing Kathleen the Knitting Queen's similar one she wore last year. She told me she had done it w/o a pattern, and encouraged my interest in doing my own version! She's been great! Thanks for the idea and suggestions, Kathleen :)

I also made a Chullo style hat for my girlfriend at work. I gave it to her yesterday. She told me she wanted a black hat with earflaps and ties. I found the lovely black Lion Suede and knew she'd love the softness, but I was fairly certain it would not be warm. So I paired it with a strand of Lion Wool, and knit them together. Here's the pic:

and here's the pattern:

Girlfriend Hat

Gauge: 3 st/in and 3-1/2 rows/in
Needle: size US 10.5 sixteen inch circular, and 4 DPNs in same size
Yarn: one strand Lion Suede held with one strand Lion wool.

CO 60 sts. Place marker(PM) at beg of round. Garter stitch x 6 rounds.
Next round= inc 1, K 20, inc 1, K20, inc 1, K20.
Now stockinette stitch around x 10 rounds. (63 stitches)

Body of hat:
Rnd 1= * SSK, K7, PM * Repeat around.
Rnd 2= (and all even numbered rounds) K around.
Rnd 3= * SSK, K6 * Repeat around.
Rnd 5= * SSK, K5 * Repeat around.
Rnd 7= * SSK, K4 * Repeat around
Rnd 8= as round 2.
Now switch to DPNs.

Rnd 9= * SSK, K3 * Repeat around.
Rnd 11= * SSK, K2* Repeat around.
Rnd 13= * S2, K1, pass 2 SS over * Repeat around, 7 sts.
Cut yarn. Thread through all 7 stitches left on needle and pull tight. Weave in ends.

Ear flaps:
With right side facing, pick up 10 stitches, then turn and knit 6 rows (garter stitch).
R 7= (K2, K2tog)2 times, K2. (8 sts)
R 8= K across.
R 9= K1, K2 tog, K2, K2 tog, K1. (6 sts)
R 10= K across.
R 11= K1 (K2 tog)2 times, K1. (4 sts)
R 12= K across.

R 13 and remaining rows= knit I-cord over remaining 4 stitches until tie is desired length. Tie knot in end of I-cord, or if desired, add pompom or tassel.
To place second earflap, count along hat brim from edge of first earflap, and begin picking up stitches from the 16th stitch.

P.S. this fits a 21-23" head! You may want to decrease the needle size to make it smaller.

Hope y'all like it. And most of all, I hope my GF does! :) If anybody makes one, I'd sure like to see it, you can leave a comment here....


hakucho said...

Your friend will love that hat - I'm sure - and thanks for sharing the pattern :)

Wow, the sweater your are designing looks fabulous!! You are so adventurous. I can't wait to see the finished sweater. Great work!!

happy knitting :)

Aim said...

Thanks! It's all in the yarn, I'm thinking :)

Opal said...

Oh wow! That lamp is gorgeous! Isn't QVC evil? :)