Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hemlock done!!!!!!!

Wahoo, the Hemlock ring blanket has come off the needles at exactly 0845 today! This after an overnight bind-off session--that scallop BO took longer than the whole stinking blanket!!! (I exaggerate,of course. Did I say I would stop exaggerating for the new year?!)

Here's a funky pic of it straight off the needles:

I sure hope it blocks out well! This is finished just in time for our awful cold-wave: windchills in the below-zeroes, and a high today of 4 degrees! Ick. It has been really nice to sit with this wooly wonder on my lap while knitting. My dad's B-day is in early Feb, but I may give it to him early so he gets more use out of it!

I am ready to stuff the Celestine, and haven't done so yet b/c my stuffing is in the closet in the room where DH is snoozing. I don't want to wake him up digging around in the closet, ya know?!

But, the happy thing is that Celestine will also be an FO later today! Gosh, now I'll HAVE to work on the Hello Kitty KAL projects and Ballerina. I also promised my girlfriend a black chullo-type hat, which I will be CO for today. I am on a knitting rampage right now, I feel like finishing up all my WIPs. My list on Ravelry shows I have around 11 WIPs dozing away in a project basket! Sheesh, talk about knitting ADD :)

I am doing an Atkins induction diet right now, it's been 1+ weeks. I lost a bit of weight so far, but Atkins is hard for me to do b/c I'm a vegetarian! Good thing I eat eggs and fish, but I'm just about sick of them right now :) The best thing this is doing is stopping my nervous carb-snacking at work. I ALWAYS was eating something, another piece of chocolate, a piece of cake, a cookie, a granola bar, a doughnut--you get the picture! My blood sugar was a bit unhappy with me initially, but I feel so much better and lighter at this point! I'm going to keep going with it....

Hope all you knitters are staying warm this winter! See ya later (with pics of blocked Hemlock Ring and finished Celestine)!Bye....


hakucho said...

Your hemlock almost looks like feather and fan in the round. Good luck with the blocking. It certainly is a beautiful piece of knitting. I love working on afghans when it's cold...especially as they get bigger.

Happy knitting :)

Carola said...

I'm really curious to see the hemlock when it's blocked.

And you know, the celestine - what is it really? It looks cool but what's it for? *confused* :)

Aim said...

Ha ha haaaaaaa, Carola, I had that same damn thought last night after I finished it! I was so pleased to be done with it earlier in the day, then looking at it later, I wondered what the heck I made it for! I guess I did it for the experience of doing it :)

I'm gonna felt it, and give it to my new nephew. (I'm still thinking what a cool throw pillow this would make if done in worsted weight yarn with normal sized needles!)

Carola said...

Well, I found the pattern on Ravelry and they say it's either to put at the top of a Christmas Tree or a toy, and I think a toy for a child it would probably be really interesting. Both soft and pointy and yours with all those colors.

Yeah, a toy :)

Carola said...

Or as Mr. Data would have said - or perhaps Mr. Spock "It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye"

Heh heh

Opal said...

Congratulations on finishing the Hemlock!