Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunny Sunday

See the hidden birdie legs?!

Here's a neat video for making Indian bread (rotis):

Isn't that cool? She makes it look so easy, I feel like I could just whip up some of those after watching her! I've made chapatis before but over a flame, and they were really floury. I like how these puff up so easily. I love Indian food, yummy! I was directed to this video via the Jugalbandi blog, one of my favs. I like Bee's sharp humor. And, it's vegetarian! Yum.

I'm not a strict vegetarian. But I love blogs that teach me better ways of eating.

How about a pattern to use the bigstitch needles?

Aim's Rug:

I decided yesterday to wing it, and started pulling out stash and throwing it all together for a rug. In about 4 hours (which includes picking out the yarns, doing a test-run for several rows that I ended up frogging, and restarting with the correct number of stitches) I had a nice cushy rug for my bathroom. It measures about 38x 25 inches, give or take an inch in either direction for stretchiness! Cuz I'm not blocking this sucka...

Cast on 24 stitches.
Slipping the first stitch of each round, K across in garter stitch, until the length desired. I used anywhere from 4-6 strands of yarn at any given time, adding in and taking out whenever the urge struck.

Mostly I wanted to use up my "Landscapes" acrylic/wool that I frogged my Martha poncho from. I used up 6 balls of that yarn, and also added in skeins of other acrylics. Here's the list of yarn I used:
  1. 6 balls Lion Brand Landscapes in "Pastel Meadow" colorway

  2. 1 skein of Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick Prints in "Rainbow Denim Print"

  3. 2 skeins (2.5 oz each) of Red Heart Super Saver Multicolor in "Candy" colorway

  4. 1/2 skein Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn in "Pink Camo Ombre"

  5. 1/2 skein Caron SS in "Baby Brights Ombre", and some "Soft Pink", "Off White", and "Lt Country Peach"

  6. some Lion Brand Suede in Black

And some pics of all the different yarns used

They don't look like they'd go together, do they?! I'm really happy with the outcome.

I LOVE THESE NEEDLES!!!! You have to adjust how you knit with them, (in addition, I bought the 28" needles so they'd be long enough for blankets and such, but you have to sit in the middle of the sofa so the ends of the needles have a place to rest!) Hey, once you get it, you knit things up so fast it's incredible!!! I feel great, I just used up a bunch of stash, probably a total of about 11 skeins. Wahoooooooo! In 4 hours. Yeah!

I'd like to see other people's versions of this, I'm constantly searching on Ravelry for more inspsiration. I just joined the Big Stitch Knitting group, and hope to be inspired there! (And, for Mother's day I just ordered the size U crochet hook and the size 50 DPNs from Bagsmith, along with their books. Can't wait!) They are having a sale for Ravelry members with a %15 off by May 11--you should go check it out (coupon number is listed in the Big Stitch Knitting Group page).

I'm such an enabler....

Knit on, you happy peeps!

P.S. this is edited to add two things:
1) I used size 50 needles for the rug.
2) The recipe for the Rotis is 1 c flour, 1 pinch salt, 1/2 c water; then later a trace of the oil as she shows in the video...I just made these and they were yummy!!! And fairly easy, too.


Mary Anne said...

I see the birdie legs!!

That bread making looks so easy, I know it wouldn't be if I tried thought :)

Love your big needle rug! Wow, it is beautiful and all those glorious colours combined together, they really do work. Thanks for sharing the idea and pattern with us.

I've not heard of the big stitch needle group, I must check it out.

TattingChic said...

I saw the birdie legs, too! LOL! Your rug colors do look fun together. I never would've thought of putting those yarns together, but it works!!! :)

hetty said...

Cute birdie legs! I think I'm going to have to try that roti! Looks good. Love your big needle rug! Do you know what size needles that would be in metric size?

Aim said...

Hetty--I'm not sure if there is a metric size on these....but you can find them here: